One is eating cooked food. The resistance of bacteria to high temperature is weak, as long as they are heated and boiled, they can all be killed; they don’t eat raw, half raw and pickled sea and aquatic products; the food should be reheated and boiled thoroughly every other meal or overnight.

Second, drink boiled water instead of raw water. Do not use unclean water to wash mouth, brush teeth, wash tableware, wash fruits, wash vegetables and other food.

Third, wash your hands. Wash the stool with soap before and after eating to prevent germs from passing through the entrance.

Fourth, it is best to eat in the canteen and at home, not to eat in the unhealthy snack bars and large stalls. Because in the areas where there is disease, the brine and cold dishes sold out in the production process, if there is a pathogen, the pathogen can breed in these things, and it will cause disease after eating.


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