In midsummer, cicadas have been “squeaking” outside the window, and the ground is steaming with this trace of heat. The outdoor temperature is as high as more than 30 degrees. At this time, the baby is very prone to heatstroke! Preschoolers aged 3-6 like playing outdoors best, so they have a greater chance of heatstroke. What should we do at this time? I tell you, parents should understand the performance of the baby’s heatstroke and learn emergency treatment measures to alleviate the baby’s pain!

Performance of heatstroke in baby

The prominent manifestation of heatstroke in babies is high fever. Generally, the temperature of heatstroke often reaches 38 ℃ -39 ℃, and the temperature of severe heatstroke even reaches more than 41 ℃. At the beginning of the disease, children sweating more, and then sweating too much may cause dysfunction of the hypothalamus and sweat glands. Instead, the skin is dry and hot, and the face is flushed. When there is no sweat, the temperature of children tends to rise further and rapidly. At the same time, it is accompanied by thirst, mental depression or irritability. Some children have convulsions and comas, and in serious cases, it is complicated with brain edema, respiratory failure, circulatory failure and functional damage to important organs. [details]

Four step emergency treatment for heatstroke in baby

1. Immediately move the baby to a ventilated, cool and dry place: such as a corridor, under the shade of a tree or an air-conditioned room for rest.

2. Let the baby lie on his back, maintain the smoothness of the respiratory tract, unbutton his clothes, take off or loosen his clothes, and wipe his whole body with a wet towel to cool down.

If your baby’s clothes have been soaked with sweat, you should change your baby’s dry clothes in time, and turn on the fan or air conditioner at the same time, so as to dissipate heat as soon as possible, but don’t blow the wind directly on your baby.

3. Don’t let your baby eat or drink water before he is conscious. After he is conscious, drink a small amount of light salt water for many times to supplement enough water and salt.

It is advisable to drink no more than 300 ml of water each time, and you can also give your baby some fresh fruit juice; It can also take drugs such as Rendan, shidishui and Huoxiang Zhengqi water orally.

4. Don’t let your baby eat greasy food.

Excessive consumption will increase the burden on the digestive system, leaving a large amount of blood in the gastrointestinal tract, while the blood delivered to the brain is relatively reduced, and nutrients cannot be fully absorbed.

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Page 1: four step emergency treatment for baby heatstroke

Page 2: Three Misunderstandings of post heatstroke treatment for babies


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