The weather is getting colder and colder. Where there is no heating in the south of the Yangtze River, getting up every day is torture, not only for adults but also for children.

A lot of families are at this time of the “wake up war,” the little guys have to go to kindergarten to primary school, can not be late, but sleep well and can not bear to wake up TA, even if forced to cry, the baby still can not rely on it.

Swollen or broken? Winter how to wake up the baby is the most scientific and effective, in fact, as long as the right way to wake up the child can also become elegant and beautiful, let me give you an amnesty strategy___

First, gentle strategy

Touch and wake up

Some babies sleep heavier, not easy to wake up, at this time, the mothers do not forcibly wake up oh, might as well take a gentle strategy, wake up the baby with a gentle voice, if still can not wake up, gently touch the baby, from the hands, and then to the forearm, upper arm, cheek… When the child slowly opened his eyes, he looked at TA with a smile and said, “good morning, it’s time to get up.”

Wake up

Wake up the baby in the morning. Don’t be so tough. You can wake him up with childlike amusement. Look, baby, father-in-law of the sun is up, mother chicken is out to do morning exercises with baby chickens, and the baby chickens are singing and having a meeting. Get up quickly and watch them. Most of the children will wake up happily. Wearing clothes, shoes and going to kindergarten.

Two, toy strategy

Toy trick

Babies are naturally fond of playing with toys, especially on weekends when they have more fun. Parents worry that their children will not be allowed to play because of sleep disturbance. So you can wake up the baby with toys in the morning and give him a little time to play with them, so the baby can wake up obediently.

Music awakened

In addition to the alarm bell, you can also choose some soothing early childhood music, or some special environmental sounds, such as a few crisp bird calls, streams and so on are suitable for waking up as music to wake up the baby. First, it will not be as boring as an alarm clock. Secondly, mild music can also promote the development of the baby’s brain.

Three, food strategy

Breakfast temptation

Tired of eating rice steamed buns picky baby, how to let TA love to eat? Might as well give the baby to change the taste, buy some delicious and nutritious breakfast instead of white rice porridge, let the baby look forward to a delicious breakfast every day, so that the baby will not be in bed.

In addition to delicious breakfast, mothers can also use fun baby dishes to arouse TA’s curiosity, so that TA no longer stay in bed, looking forward to a beautiful breakfast time.

Four, reasoning strategy

Inform ahead of time

For example, on weekend nights, a mother can say to her child ahead of time, “Baby, tomorrow is going to school, tonight is going to bed early, or tomorrow is going to be late, can’t be a good student!” So the baby has a psychological preparation, even if she goes to bed late tomorrow, the mother will be more obedient when she wakes up.

Gentle and sermon

If the baby is usually more obedient, the mother can reasoning with the baby – “Baby, to develop good habits must start from getting up, a person can not get up on his own is not responsible, no…” So you have to get up on your own! “If the baby likes to listen, that’s great, otherwise, the mothers will find another way.

[warm reminder]

Experts suggest that when people get up, it is best to lie down for ten minutes with your eyes open before sitting up, which is conducive to good health. So, don’t ask your child to get up at the moment you give the order. It’s better to set the time for the child to get up and call him in advance.


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