“How to do? Is it not just a cold? How is pneumonia?” The baby got pneumonia and died of his father and mother. He thought that the baby was a small summer cold and had not improved for several days before he came to the hospital for examination. It turned into pneumonia in children, which is big or small. Why did such a thing happen? That’s why parents have too much in their daily life. Many misunderstandings! Please follow me to see!

Infantile pneumonia knowledge

Pediatric pneumonia is a common clinical disease, which occurs easily in all seasons. The clinical manifestations are fever, cough, dyspnea, and severe cough and asthma without fever. If not treated in time, severe pneumonia may develop, or serious life-threatening complications such as heart failure, respiratory failure and pulmonary encephalopathy may occur. Children with pneumonia, if not thoroughly treated, are prone to recurrent attacks, affecting the development of children.

However, many parents have misunderstandings about children’s pneumonia, the most common of which are the following five types:

Myth 1: Babies without fever are not pneumonia

Not all children with pneumonia have fever, such as epidemic pneumonia, chlamydia and mycoplasma pneumonia in winter and spring. Especially if the newborn suffers from pneumonia, there may be neither cough nor temperature rise symptoms, parents must not ignore.

Myth 2: Antibiotic intravenous infusion is the best choice

Although most pneumonia is caused by bacteria, many pneumonia are caused by viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasma, fungi and other pathogens, or by allergies. The abuse of antibiotics not only fails to achieve the therapeutic effect, but also easily causes various adverse reactions. The correct way is to listen to the doctor’s analysis and choose the right medicine.


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