“Am I your baby?” “Mom, do you love me?”

A mother said, God knows his baby just because he did not eat snacks, even put on a small expression of such grievance, it is really unbearable!

Home snacks, mothers are both happy and worried, happy that the baby never picky food, any food can be eaten with relish, worry is that snacks are always mouth-to-mouth, every three to five began to clamor to buy new snacks!

In fact, adults are hard to withstand the temptation of snacks, let alone children? If the snacks are reasonably chosen, appropriate snacks can achieve complementary effects with the dinner. So, how to choose snacks for babies is appropriate?

First, what should children pay attention to snacks?

As for snacks, mothers are full of worries about it. Babies love to eat, but eat too much and will not eat well, and even affect the absorption of nutrition, leading to growth and development problems.

Many mothers may misunderstand snacks! Snacks generally refer to a variety of small amounts of food outside the dinner, such as potato chips and so on, yogurt, juice, biscuits and other snacks, snacks are good or bad, baby can eat snacks, but can not eat at will!

In addition to baby snacks to pay attention to taste, but also to consider nutritional issues, to avoid eating unhealthy snacks habits, healthy food out of favor; snacks to control the amount, not eat too much, in order to avoid affecting the main meal.

Two, how to choose snacks for your baby?

1, the preferred nutrition and health.

Choose snacks for your baby, in addition to the taste, appearance and baby’s preferences to choose, ingredients should also pay attention to, choose no-add, natural green snacks more healthy. At present, many snacks look bright and delicious, taste good, but not suitable for babies to eat, mothers have to choose carefully.

Suitable for babies over three years old, can often eat snacks mainly yogurt, fresh milk, nuts, fruit and so on.

Tip: Babies under 3 years old are not fit to eat whole nuts to avoid choking on the trachea, causing the risk of asphyxia.

Suitable for children over the age of three can eat snacks, biscuits, snacks and so on.

2, eliminate unhealthy snacks.

Fried, barbecued, pickled, high-sugar, high-energy, salt content, additives more snacks are not selected or less selected, such as puffed food, fried food and so on. Most snacks are delicious but not healthy.

3. Drinks with too many additives are not selected.

Many babies like to drink sugary juice, so do not like to drink boiled water, but also easy to lead to inadequate nutritional intake. It is recommended not to choose sugary drinks or alcoholic beverages.

4, eat snacks control time.

For example, every time you eat snacks for your baby, you must not be too close to the dinner so as not to cause meals. You can arrange 2-3 snacks every day, but be careful not to eat it for half an hour before going to bed.

In addition, mothers also need to pay attention to, if the baby has been overweight or overweight, especially to control the amount of unhealthy snacks, you can choose some low-fat or skimmed milk, fruit, drink more water.


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