Prevention of varicella in early spring

In the kindergarten class, a little partner got chicken pox. Mengmeng’s mother was worried: what should be done if Mengmeng is infected? So, the mother decided to let Mengmeng rest at home for a week to avoid infection. The reporter found that every year in the infectious disease prone season, there are always many parents blindly worried about cross infection between children, let children pretend to be sick and ask for leave

In response, director Qiao Rong said that although avoiding cross infection is an effective way to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, parents do not need to panic blindly. As long as appropriate and timely preventive measures are taken, children can be prevented from being infected. Once contact with varicella patients, you can choose one of the following three methods: first, you can use varicella immunoglobulin; second, you can take effective antiviral drugs orally for 7 days within 8-9 days after contact; third, you can use live attenuated varicella vaccine within 3 days after contact.

Due to the strong infectivity of varicella, children infected with “pox” should wait for the scab to fall off and return to school after the infection period to avoid mutual infection between children. Parents should not be careless in the process of their children’s “pox”. Once the child has high fever, headache, cough and other symptoms, he should be sent to the hospital in time to reduce secondary bacterial infection, encephalitis, pneumonia and other complications. In addition, families, nurseries, kindergartens and other collective units should disinfect tableware, toys, bedding and towels contaminated by varicella virus in time.

Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent varicella. In daily life, we should pay attention to the ventilation of the room to keep the air fresh. Wash hands and cut nails frequently to prevent infection caused by chicken pox. Avoid hot and nourishing food. Pay attention to more water for children, eat light and easy to digest and rich in nutrition food, such as noodles, porridge, milk, soymilk, eggs, etc. Eat more fruits, drink more mung bean soup, and pay attention to exercise and rest to improve their immunity.

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