After entering the end of October, all primary and secondary schools have begun to organize autumn activities, and kindergartens are no exception. However, for the “child-child tour” method in which kindergartens are generally accompanied by parents to participate in the Spring and Autumn Tour, there are always people who welcome opposition. As a father and mother, what kind of mood and way should we invest in “family-child travel”?

Parents who disagree with the “parent-child autumn tour” organized by the kindergarten usually think that Qiuyou should have been fully organized by the kindergarten. Now, if the parents are accompanied, it is equivalent to “transferring” the responsibility of the child from the teacher to the parents. However, if we look at it from another angle, these parents must be relieved. As a parent, there is not much time to accompany the children. There is almost no chance for the whole family to travel. The kindergarten can organize the activities of “family-child tour”, which means The opportunity for parents and children to swim together, but also a relaxation of the parents’ mind and body.

Some parents of small kindergarten children said that they had just wanted to know the situation of their children entering the collective life just after attending kindergarten. They found that the children grew up in the group and became sensible, and how to treat themselves at home. Educating children has a more direct reference. There are also parents who feel that there has been no collective autumn tour for many years. It seems that they have forgotten the “Autumn Tour”. This time it seems to have returned to the student era…


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