Our Ankang news (Reporter Yu Gang) recently, more than 20 children in Baihe county were infected with hand foot mouth disease. At present, eight sick children have been sent to Shiyan City of Hubei Province for hospitalization, and more than ten children have been treated in Baihe county hospital. The health department of Baihe county is comprehensively strengthening the medical treatment and prevention and control work.

According to Chen Shandi, director of the center for Disease Control and prevention of Baihe County, since February 20, Baihe county has successively treated children with fever, oral rash and hand rash, all of whom are kindergarten children. Hand foot mouth disease was diagnosed by local health department.

As of yesterday, in addition to eight sick children were sent to the nearby Shiyan City of Hubei Province for hospitalization, the rest of the sick children were arranged by the health department for home treatment because of mild symptoms and no need for hospitalization. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from Ankang CDC that two children with HFMD were found in Baihe County on February 28.


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