1. Immune system

It is susceptible to colds, fever and various infectious diseases, which directly endanger the body.

2. Skin and joint

Skin dryness, allergy, skin diseases, night sweating, spontaneous sweating, sweating of hands and feet, back pain, weakness of legs, and even the length and thickness of two legs are different.

3. Psychological aspects

Shame, inferiority, guilt, timidity or timidity, fear, anxiety, over time, lead to personality abnormalities, showing introversion, loneliness, non-social, neurotic or violent tendencies.

4. Developmental status

Cryptorchidism, cryptorchidism, hernia, phimosis, penis, uterus, chimney door healing late, walking late, speaking late, poor height and weight, seriously endanger growth and development, if missed the opportunity of treatment, will regret for life, will also affect future generations.

5. Reproductive function

Lack of sperm, premature ejaculation, impotence, infertility, menstruation disorders, amenorrhea, ovulation disorders, premature menopause, infertility, etc., directly affect fertility and sexual function.

6. Gastrointestinal system

Pickling, anorexia, yellowish, lean or fat, fatigue, abdominal pain before meals or cold abdominal pain, carsickness, loose stool or dry, directly affect the body’s supply and absorption.

7. Brain nervous system

Sleep drowsiness and difficulty in waking up are the prominent manifestations of enuresis, which directly affect the function and development of the brain and nervous system, resulting in the decline of intelligence quotient. According to the World Health Organization survey, the IQ of bed-wetting children is 17-23% lower than that of normal children.


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