Spring is a good season to take children on outings and picnics, and it is also a great time to educate them on the comprehensive development of their physical, intellectual, moral, and aesthetic abilities. However, young children often suffer unexpected injuries during spring outings. Therefore, preschool teachers and parents must take preventive measures seriously when taking children on spring outings to avoid accidents.

1、 Anti motion sickness

Parents taking their children on trips during holidays is supposed to be a happy thing, but some children soon turn pale and vomit, which is called motion sickness. Tips for helping children avoid motion sickness:

(1) Try to sit in the front center of the carriage or cabin as much as possible, as it can reduce symptoms due to less vibration.

(2) Eating should not be too full, tightening your belt, reducing the vibration of your abdominal organs, and also helping to alleviate symptoms.

(3) Smell fresh ginger slices under your nostrils at any time. You can also stick ginger slices on your navel and fix them with Shangshi Pain Relieving Cream.

(4) About an hour before taking the bus, aim the fresh orange peel at both nostrils and squeeze it in, inhaling the fragrant oil mist sprayed out.

(5) Apply wind oil essence to the temples, or drop two drops of wind oil essence onto the navel and eyes, and cover with dampness relieving pain cream.

(6) Drink a glass of warm water with vinegar before taking the bus.

(7) Take dampness and pain relief cream and apply it to the navel and eye area before taking the bus.

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Page 1: Anti Carsickness

Page 2: Prevention of heatstroke and sunburn

Page 3: Allergy prevention, bee and scorpion stings, and snake bites

Page 4: Prevention of accidental loss and fatigue


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