Yogurt and yoghurt drinks are not the same thing

Nowadays, not only the varieties of yoghurt are various, but also yoghurt drinks are emerging in an endless stream. You are likely to buy “yoghurt” that is not yoghurt back home. Yoghurt is made of high-quality milk fermented by Lactobacillus, which belongs to the category of milk in essence; and yoghurt beverage is just a kind of beverage, no longer milk. The nutrition content of the two is very different. The nutrition of yoghurt beverage is only about 1 / 3 of yoghurt. According to the regulation of dairy industry, the protein content of 100g yoghurt is required to be ≥ 2. The protein content of yoghurt beverage is only about 1g. Yoghurt beverage can be used as a drink to relieve heat and thirst. It has certain nutritional value while quenching thirst, but it can never replace milk and yoghurt.

2. Yoghurt and papaya match to lose weight and breast

Method 1: yoghurt + yoghurt, a 150ml sugar free yoghurt with two spoons of yoghurt, stir and pour in the juice. Ready to eat, can be frozen in the refrigerator, taste better.

Method 2: use 150ml yoghurt before meals every day, match with two spoons of yoghurt, stir well and then eat.

Method 3: yoghurt + breast exercise massage can be made more when preparing the qinpin. After bathing every night, apply it to the chest, and massage alternately clockwise and anticlockwise. At least 15 minutes, it is better to feel fever in the chest.

3. How much yogurt should I drink every day

A cup of milk in the morning and a cup of yoghurt in the evening are ideal. But some people especially like yogurt, often drink a lot of yogurt after a meal, which may cause weight gain. This is because yogurt itself contains certain calories. Drinking yogurt after a meal is equal to taking in extra calories, which causes weight gain. For healthy people, it’s more appropriate to drink one or two glasses a day, that is to say, about 250-500g a day. It’s best to drink it for half an hour to an hour after meals, which can adjust the intestinal flora and is good for your health.


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