· open windows regularly. Air circulation can also kill viruses in the air. But when the room is ventilated, we should pay attention to prevent children from getting cold. Let the sun shine in the room as much as possible, and open the glass window (the glass can block the ultraviolet rays that kill the virus).

· clothes, bedding, towels, dressings, toys and tableware that are exposed to varicella and herpes fluid shall be washed, dried, scalded, boiled and burned respectively according to the situation, and shall not be shared with healthy people. At the same time, change clothes and quilt frequently to keep skin clean.

· avoid pox rash by hand. In particular, pay attention not to scratch the face of the pox rash, so as to prevent herpes from being scratched and septic. If the lesion is deep, it may leave scars. In order to prevent this, the child’s nails should be cut short to keep his hands clean. You can sew a pair of gloves with a burr on the outside, or cover his hand with gauze. If the herpes is broken, apply 1% purple liquid medicine. If there is suppuration, apply antibiotic ointment.

· antipruritic. For the child who is recovering, it is the most comfortable thing for him to find a way to relieve itching. Here are some ways to stop itching:

1. The clothes and quilts should not be too thick or too tight, too hot and sweating will make the rash itchy.

2. Put 4 tablespoons of bicarbonate soda into the bath water, and help him take a bath every 3 to 4 hours.

3. Put some dry oats in the old socks or pillowcases, and then soak them in the bathtub. After ten minutes, using this water to bathe the baby can have a good itch relief effect.

4. After cleaning the skin, you can use the rutangshi lotion containing 0.25% borneol locally at the place with varicella. Oral administration of anti allergic drugs such as cismin can also have antipruritic effect.

· pay attention to the change of the condition. Some chickenpox babies may have pneumonia and encephalitis. If the fever persists after eruption, cough and asthma, or vomiting, headache, restlessness or drowsiness are found, they should be sent to the hospital in time when convulsion occurs.

· the diet should be given easily digestible, vitamin rich fluid or semifluid, and rest more when fever occurs.


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