Babies often have the habit of biting toys, so they should often be disinfected, especially those plastic toys, and they should be disinfected every day, otherwise it can cause digestive tract diseases. Different disinfection methods should be used for different toys:

1. The plastic toys can be diluted with soap water, bleaching powder and disinfectant tablets, soaked, washed with water after half an hour, and then wiped or dried with a clean cloth.

2. The cloth toys can be washed with soap water, then washed with water, and then exposed to the sun.

3. Wooden toys that are resistant to humidity, heat and color fading can be soaked in soapy water and washed with water before drying.

4. Iron toys can be sterilized when exposed to the sun for 6 hours.

Because the baby likes to put the toy in the mouth, and the baby’s resistance is low, so don’t play with some toys that are not easy to disinfect or with fluff for the baby.


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