The most beautiful day in April is beautiful weather. Qingming vacation is good to travel, bring Meng Bao wave up.

When it comes to taking a baby out, I believe that Bao Da and Bao Mu have been given all kinds of information to Amway, what travel necessities, travel guide should be read a lot. But before you really take a baby out, are these various strategies long forgotten? If you think it is too complicated, this guide must be good, the editor listed for you a few more practical Qingming Taqing strategy, take the baby happy wave up.

Insect sting, guardian guide get

Accident index

The Qingming Festival is coming, the weather is getting warmer, the outdoor humid weather, sealed mosquitoes also love to come out activities, with young baby travel, baby’s tender skin is very easy to become a mosquito meal object Oh, therefore, to do a good job for the baby insect protection.

“Ba Ba Ma Ma do this”

Full armed: let the children fully armed, wear long-sleeved clothes and trousers, wear toe-wrapped shoes, wear hats and so on. This can reduce the possibility of mosquito bites.

Stay away from mosquito-infested areas: grasslands and forests are the best places to stay away from mosquito-infested areas; on plants with bite marks, there are often colorful caterpillars, such as pine caterpillars, mulberry caterpillars, spiny caterpillars and so on. Do not be curious to grasp them with your hands in order to avoid being stabbed; Do not approach the honeycomb. In the wild, don’t provoke insects that you haven’t seen before.

Tu Tu mosquito repellent water: put on mosquito repellent water, spray a spray before starting, prevent mosquito bites. If you are bitten outdoors, you can spray some mosquito repellent water to relieve itching.

Emergency treatment: If bitten by some poisonous insects, do not panic, first of all, iodine or alcohol for local disinfection, if the baby has fever, bite site inflammation and ulceration symptoms, to timely treatment.

Pollen allergy, guardian guide get

Accident index

Pollen allergy is most common in spring. In the late spring and early summer season, when trees are sprouting and flowers are blooming everywhere, pollen will be played in the air with the wind, causing the allergic constitution of children to develop disease.

“Ba Ba Ma Ma do this”

The choice of time and place: travel destinations can choose less places such as seaside. Windy days and sunny days are not suitable for outing, rainy days or after rain, pollen index is low, suitable for outing.

Proper protection: To avoid contact with pollen, appropriate protective measures, such as wearing a mask or goggles, can reduce the chance of upper respiratory tract and eye pollen stimulation.

Go home and change clothes: After you go home, let your child take a bath and change clothes quickly to reduce the chance of pollen retention.

Accidental falls, guardian guide get

Accident index

Baby outdoor play will be more exciting, oh, excitement is like a wild horse off the reins, a careless will fall and fall.

“Ba Ba Ma Ma do this”

Put on your shoes: When you take your baby for spring outing, you should choose a pair of comfortable and comfortable shoes. You should choose light and breathable sports shoes. Your baby can run and jump more flexibly and steadily, and won’t fall so easily.

Knee-pad artifact: Just in the toddler’s position is not so stable, you can buy a child knee-pad artifact, even if the baby falls down will not break the skin oh, let the baby play more comfortable.

Lost and lost, guardian guide get

Accident index

Qingming Festival takes the baby out of the sea. It’s everywhere. Mom and dad should pay attention, no matter where to take the baby to play, the primary task is to keep the baby tight.

“Ba Ba Ma Ma do this”

Hold your child: protect your child at your side.

Keep a close watch on children: don’t let children go away from their own reach. Parents must not forget their babies because they miss the beautiful scenery.

Wear bright colored clothes: Spring outing with a baby, suggest to children wear bright colored clothes, easy to find when lost.

Anti lost artifact: you can use some smart watches to turn on Bluetooth accompanying mode. Once the child exceeds the safe distance and Bluetooth is disconnected, the parent’s mobile phone client can receive an alarm prompt immediately and check the location information to find the child.


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