In recent years, a variety of 3D films have come on the market one after another, which has also attracted the attention of many children. So what harm does 3D films do to children’s eyesight? Let’s learn more about it. In this article, mothers can find the answer!

Li: it has a decompression effect on white-collar workers

In fact, since the advent of 3D film, there are different opinions on its advantages and disadvantages. The principle of 3D movie shooting is to simulate the situation of human binocular vision and shoot, and then play back. People have a sense of stereopsis when they see things with both eyes. This is stereopsis. Generally, movies only have a sense of plane (2D images), while 3D movies can see three-dimensional space. That is to say, when a person’s stereo vision function is normal, he can feel immersive when he wears special glasses to watch 3D movies.

It should be said that the average healthy adult moderately watching 3D movies is not harmful to the eyes. The so-called 3D image, compared with the common two-dimensional image (2D image), increases the distance difference, that is, adds a dimension to become a three-dimensional image (3D image). So when people are looking at 3D images, they need to constantly adjust the lens through eye muscle relaxation, so that they can see images at different distances. And the process of adjusting the visual focus plays an important role in the recovery of lens adjustment function. Therefore, moderate viewing of 3D movies can not only stimulate the senses and reduce mental pressure, but also train the eye muscle movement, so that the eyes fixed at a certain distance for a long time can be relaxed. Therefore, watching 3D movies can play a better role in relieving some white-collar workers who have been lying at their desks for a long time and engaged in close work.


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