Many parents believe that children should take exercise as early as possible, which is good for their health. In fact, this is a one-sided view.

1、 Children are not suitable for tug of war competitions

Experts said that children in the period of vigorous growth and development, the organs and tissues in the body are not yet mature, there are many anatomical and physiological characteristics different from adults, and some fitness exercises should not be carried out early.

Tug of war is a highly antagonistic sport, which often causes the skin of children’s palms to be worn by ropes. Even because the two sides pull for too long and too hard, it is easy to cause dislocation or soft tissue injury under strong external force, and even cause deformation in serious cases, affecting children’s physical health.

2、 Children are not suitable for muscle weight bearing strength exercise

Children grow in height first and then in weight, and their muscles contain more water, less protein and inorganic salts, and are weak and prone to fatigue.

3、 Children should not stand upside down

Although the children’s intraocular pressure adjustment function is strong, if they often do handstands or if they do handstands for a long time each time, it will damage the eye’s adjustment of intraocular pressure.

4、 Children under 10 years old should not play bumper cars

The muscles, ligaments, bones and connective tissues of children are not mature, and they are prone to sprain and bruise when subjected to strong vibration.

5、 Children under 8 years old are not suitable for scooting

Children’s bodies are at a critical stage of development. If they play skateboards for a long time, their leg muscles will be overdeveloped, which will affect the overall development of their bodies, and even affect their height development. In addition, the waist, knees and ankles need to support the body vigorously when playing skateboards. These parts are very vulnerable to injury.

6、 It is not suitable to use a wrench with wrist strength

The joint capsule of each joint of children’s extremities is relatively loose, and the firmness is poor. In addition, the skeleton has not been fully ossified, so it is easy to have limb deformation under the influence of various external adverse factors. If one arm is used to pull the wrist for a long time, it may cause uneven development of both limbs, and even cause scoliosis of the spine.


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