Character determines one’s destiny, and one’s good character is laid in the early stage. In early education, the cultivation of character should be put in the first place, which is the top priority. People’s character is multifaceted. The following six aspects are the basis of good character. If you have these six character qualities since childhood, other good qualities will naturally derive when you grow up.

Brave and confident

Infants’ courage and self-confidence are mainly manifested in their fear of darkness, ghosts, loneliness, small animals, strangers and strange environments. If a child feels that he is cute, even if it is just a subconscious feeling, he will show his confidence and emotion, which is completely different from his proud, impolite and unfriendly character.

Happy and lively

Happy children like to laugh rather than cry, carefree. Being lively is not only active, but also noisy. Lively children have six performances:

Lively expression: the facial expression is rich and vivid. You can see the emotions such as smile, happiness and worry. You can joke with adults;

Lively mouth: express and spit words clearly, like telling stories, guessing riddles, saying tongue twisters, etc;

Lively perception: remember what you have seen, heard and done quickly, and recognize the color, shape and direction clearly;

Hands lively: can work, can do manual work, raise small animals, plant flowers and grass, and have dexterous hands;

Lively body: good at singing and dancing, love to play games, love sports, etc;

Lively thinking: like to ask questions, discuss, argue, read and so on.


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