Whether to sleep in the same bed with the baby has always been a controversial issue for many mothers.

In terms of the situation around Duo Ma, most mothers would choose to sleep in the same bed with the baby until the baby was 3-4 years old or older; But in recent years, more and more mothers have chosen to have sex in different beds since the baby was born. (Pay attention to the WeChat subscription number: Mommy’s parent-child time, talk about parent-child care)

It is not because these mothers feel that it is not important to take care of their baby closely, but because they realize many disadvantages of sharing the bed with their baby, such as the following five points.

1. The biggest hazard of sleeping in the same bed: sudden death syndrome

In order to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, the latest guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that babies and adults should sleep in different beds for sexual intercourse until at least 6 months after birth. If it can last for a year, it is better. Only when feeding or pacifying can babies be held in adult beds.

A study published in the British Medical Journal shows that the risk of sudden death of infants who sleep with their parents is four times higher than those who sleep alone.

However, when it comes to “sudden infant death syndrome”, many mothers feel that it is far away from them. In fact, as long as we choose to sleep with our children, this risk exists.

In May 2015, a 37-day-old baby girl was crushed to death by a sleeping young father, and was no longer breathing when she was sent to the hospital. It is understood that this is the fourth similar incident encountered by the hospital.

In January 2014, a post-90s couple in Wuhan slept in the same bed with a newborn who was just full month old, but the child was covered with quilts. After rescuing the child, he was still unable to survive, and finally suffocated to death.


In fact, there are many similar cases.

I just want to remind mothers once again that the co-bed of mother and baby is an important risk factor for the occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome. More than half of the accidental infant deaths occur when the mother and baby are in the same bed, that is, adults sleep with babies. Adults should try to avoid sleeping in the same bed with babies.

2. Affect the sleep quality of a family of three

Even if it is a large bed with a width of 2 meters, sleeping more than one person will have an impact on their sleep quality. Although the baby does not occupy much space, it is difficult for adults to fully relax during sleep due to their fear of crushing the baby, thus affecting the quality of sleep.

In addition, many mothers often complain that their babies can’t sleep all night, which is probably because their babies are affected by their parents’ sleeping posture and snoring. If the baby wakes up in the middle of the night because of crying, it will also make adults tired, and the last three members of the family can’t sleep well.

3. Not conducive to the growth and development of the baby

Babies can’t sleep well, which will affect their growth and development in the long run. You should know that the growth hormone of infants and young children is secreted intensively during deep sleep at night. If the sleep of infants is often disturbed, the growth and development will inevitably be affected.

4. Babies are vulnerable to infectious diseases

The baby’s immune system is not yet mature, and its resistance to many bacteria and mycoplasma is far less than that of adults. Adults have a wide range of activities in the daytime, and the contact environment is relatively complex. Although they do not show any symptoms, they may be carriers of some pathogens.

Especially in the period of high incidence of some epidemic diseases, if parents and babies sleep in the same bed, it is easier to spread germs to the baby and cause the baby to get sick.

5. Affect the relationship between husband and wife

Children sleeping in the same bed with their parents will also directly affect the intimacy of the relationship between husband and wife. Many mothers believe that as long as they take good care of their children, they can maintain a good family. In fact, when couples don’t even have time alone, their relationship will be greatly affected.

Some mothers even drove their husbands out of the room for the convenience of taking care of their children.

In fact, it is the children who should sleep separately, not their partners.

On this point, Duo Ma mentioned in the article “You must not sleep with your husband after giving birth to a child, or you will regret it”.

Do children feel more secure when they sleep in the same bed?

Having said so much about the disadvantages of mother and baby sharing a bed, now we can talk about its advantages.

Some mothers may think that sharing the bed between mother and child can make the relationship between mother and child closer and make the child feel safer.

In fact, no research has shown that sleeping in the same bed can promote the intimate relationship between mother and child. There is also insufficient evidence to show that sharing a bed with a mother and baby can increase the child’s sense of security, because the child’s sense of security is established in daily life.

For example, when children feel uncomfortable, we can comfort them in time; The child is hungry and sleepy. We can respond to him in time and help him solve these problems.

It is suggested that mothers:

If you really want to make your child feel safe enough, you should always accompany and encourage the child, understand the child, think from the child’s point of view, listen to the child’s voice, and say less about “Mom doesn’t want you”, “If you don’t obey, you will be arrested by the police” and so on.

The benefits of mother and baby sleeping in the same bed may only be a little

There may be only one real benefit of mother and baby sharing a bed, that is, it is convenient for mother to take care of children. (Pay attention to the WeChat subscription number: Mommy’s parent-child time, talk about parent-child care)

For example:

To change diapers, the mother can get diapers with a touch of her hand, and can help the baby change without leaving the bed;

When it’s time to nurse, the mother can hold the baby up and let the baby “eat”;

The baby cried, and the mother could touch the baby’s back to make her fall asleep again

However, if these things are changed to “having sex in different beds”, it will not be much more difficult. After getting used to it, you will not feel that it will take much more effort. Besides, you can avoid the accidents mentioned above, and it will be much easier to divide rooms in the future.


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