Spring is a good time to go for a walk. I’m sure you have chosen your destination early before the weekend. But when you go out, you start to regret it.

There’s a little fart kid in my family: I knew how tired I was when I brought my baby out, so I should have been honest and watch TV and eat snacks!

Ding-dong: When a kid gets out of doors, he’s like a runaway wild horse, tube! No! Live! Play around with mud ~dirty!

I need a nap: Want to take him outside to meet some new friends, who knows the baby will stick to me all day long, how broken?

Anyway, a variety of Tucao in mother circle is not easy and tiring. Actually, it’s a sham to say that it’s not tiring to take your baby out, but there are some skills that make it easier to take your baby out.

First, let’s take a look at how the Baba hemp of others is done.

@ hee hee ha ha ha

My little fart kid was such a troublemaker out there that my dad and I thought of a trick to take a big cardboard box and let the baby play inside and paint, so he wouldn’t run around and do his own thing quietly.


Just take enough snacks out of the house! Enough! More! Zero! Food! Yes, he usually likes to eat the best thing to bring a little, he can cry to coax, nothing!

@ Kaixin

Originally wanted to go out for a walk, who knows the baby to step on the mud, a few rounds of clothes can not be asked for? Not afraid, take a small raincoat, rain shoes, baby how to play can not dirty clothes?

@ love beauty and dress up.

Naughty baby running around, has been running after him is too tired?! Directly find a long rope tied up, ha-ha, the picture is a bit funny, but the baby is in your sight, not afraid to lose it.

How is that? Is this parents very witty? It seems feasible. In addition to these methods, you can also bring some outdoor artifact to make your spring outing more relaxed.

Small snacks

Snack is absolutely a good artifact for baby eating babies. When the baby is hungry to find something to eat, take his favorite snacks to block Bao’s mouth, he eat happily will not cry.

Small toys

How can you break your baby’s patience when he’s driving? You can take his favorite little toy with you, or you can play with him, and you can kill the time in a minute.

Baby ride

Take the baby out, if convenient, you can take the baby’s “ride”, you can release the portable baby cart. When the baby is tired and sleepy, and the adult wants to continue to enjoy the scenery, a baby cart can solve the problem perfectly.

Thermos cup

Spring outing with a thermos cup is necessary, to go out to the baby to replenish water, and some babies will eat milk powder or rice flour are needed warm water. Because it is difficult to drink warm boiled water outdoors, cold water for the baby is not very good, accidentally will drink bad stomach oh.

Wet paper towel

Wet paper towel is one of the essential artifact in outdoor. When the baby plays and smudge his hands, the wet tissue will be clean. In addition, you can also wipe your face and wipe your fart, which is convenient and practical for health.

Mummy Bag

Take a baby out, a mommy bag is also very necessary. Especially young babies, need more things, at this time a mother bag can be properly classified into a variety of small things, neat and convenient to use, the bag is no longer disorderly.

Prevent missing packages

The baby is playing outdoors. Hey, careless, where’s the baby? At this point, you can prepare a bag to avoid losing it. Hold the baby in your hand all the time, so you don’t have to worry that the baby will run away and lose it.

First aid kit

Outdoor travel, babies will inevitably bump, such or such problems, at this time, you need to prepare a first-aid kit (including iodophor cotton sticks, hemostatic bandages, bandage, disinfection tablets, etc.) to be ready, so that the journey is safe and secure.


Spring outing is too tiring for people, but in fact, you are not ready. Most of the skills and artifacts provided above are very practical. Baba hemp can be prepared according to their own needs, so that spring outing dolls more relaxed and happy.


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