1. Avoid cold, sour and spicy food

Frozen, spicy food will stimulate the throat, making cough worse. The milk taken from the refrigerator should be warmed before drinking. Infants with “allergic cough” should not drink carbonated drinks to avoid inducing cough attack. Acid food often accumulates phlegm, which makes it difficult to cough up, so as to aggravate the illness and make the cough hard to heal.

The picture comes from the Pacific parent-child network 2. Avoid foods with more grease

The food with more grease is easy to produce sputum, which aggravates the cough.

3. Avoid fish, shrimp and crab

Children with cough have a worse cough after eating fishy food, which is related to fishy smell, stimulating respiratory tract and protein allergy to fish and shrimp food. Infants with allergic constitution should avoid the above food when coughing.

4. Drink more water

In addition to meeting the body’s need for water, sufficient water can help dilute sputum, make sputum easy to cough up, and can increase the amount of urine, promote the excretion of harmful substances.

5. Diet should be light

Mainly fresh vegetables, appropriate to eat bean products, meat and vegetables should be reduced, can eat a small amount of lean meat or poultry, egg food. Eating too salty can easily induce or aggravate the cough. Infants should eat light food when coughing, not salt fish, bacon and other heavy salt food. Sweets such as candy can help heat up phlegm, but also less food.

6. No supplements

So as not to keep the supplement evil, make cough difficult to heal.

7. Fried food without oil or less

Infant’s gastrointestinal function is weak when coughing, fried food can increase the burden of gastrointestinal, and help damp and heat, breed sputum, making cough difficult to recover.


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