Mother likes shopping, baby likes shopping too. However, with years of experience, mothers can travel freely in the crowd, but babies can not. So, if you want to take your baby out, you must pay close attention to the following five situations.

_. Choose less time to go

The night markets on department stores anniversary or weekend holidays are crowded with people. It’s really not suitable for children to go with them. It’s not only difficult for children to walk with them, but also easy for them to get lost. It’s better to go with fewer people on weekdays.

2. Planning of the itinerary

In fact, the patience of children is very low. It is impossible for them to follow their parents for several hours. They can plan their shopping trip for about one hour (about one hour for children under five years old). They can also play with their children when they arrive, satisfy their children and then go to the places they want to visit. For example, the plan is to buy children’s clothes in Department stores, let children play with toys in the toy department before buying children’s clothes when they arrive, or let children play with hoops and marbles at the beginning of the night market, consume some energy and then go to other stalls in the night market.

_You can communicate with your children before you go. For example, when you go shopping, you can play with several toys first. So you can’t run around with Mommy later. If the children can’t do it, you need to teach them on the spot. If the children don’t listen twice, they need to shorten the journey and go home directly. Let the children know that the parents can do it.

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Page 1: Planning time and itinerary

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