The tragedy of two families caused by an unwanted Apple shocked and sighed everyone.

In March 2018, the 11-year-old girl dropped the apple from the balcony because she didn’t want to eat an apple, injuring the three-month-old baby girl downstairs to paralysis. On the morning of March 31 this year, the third people’s Court of Dongguan City held that the guardian of the girl child should be held responsible. In the first trial, the girl child’s home paid 1.85 million yuan to the girl child’s home.

One apple, two tragedies!

For a baby girl, if she is paralyzed without cure, it will be a long, painful and painful life to meet her. Her family will be tortured and even dragged down. This 1.85 million is not worth mentioning in front of the family’s life.

For a girl, the mistake she made in throwing an apple should be remembered and perhaps accompanied by a lifetime of guilt. For the parents of girls, it’s only after the disaster that they know how important it is to educate their children not to throw things around!

We can’t defend against sudden “natural disasters”, but things like “throwing objects at high altitude to hurt people” are direct human tragedies.

In recent years, there are so many human tragedies!

A two-year-old boy dropped toys one by one from a high place in a community in Guiyang, smashing a hole in a 1.6 million yuan Mercedes Benz skylight parked downstairs.

Seeing this hole, I can’t imagine if it’s not a car but a person

In Shenzhen, a 20 story glass window of a residential building fell, hitting a passing boy downstairs, and then died due to ineffective rescue.

The man chatted on the side of the road, was hit by the falling glass, and collapsed directly

How strong is the lethality of falling objects?

Even an empty can, if dropped from the 25th floor, can be a direct cause of death. Falling objects are even more lethal than bullets.

At present, the law has clear punishment provisions for “falling objects” and “throwing objects at high altitude”. For “throwing objects at high altitude”, it can be judged as the crime of endangering public security, the crime of intentional injury or the crime of intentional homicide according to the specific circumstances.

However, the law is only sanctions. To reduce and avoid such tragedies from the source, the responsibility lies in the safety education of every parent.


Safety education: do not let children become “perpetrators”

Many parents pay more and more attention to the safety education of their children. It is necessary to teach them not to eat strangers’ food and walk with strangers in case of being abducted and sold; to teach them how to cross the road safely; to teach them to inform their parents in time of any infringement or bullying, etc.

However, these safety education are teaching children to avoid becoming “victims”, but forget to teach children not to become “perpetrators”.

If the apple that the 11-year-old girl didn’t want was thrown into the garbage can by her, then this tragedy can be avoided; if the child who threw the toy is no longer well educated, then there may be another disaster next time.

The so-called “safety education” is not only to teach children how to protect their own safety, but also to teach children how not to hurt others’ safety.

Imagine that if every child knows how not to hurt, then they don’t need to learn how to protect themselves.


Don’t wait for something big to realize the harm

Never underestimate the harm children may cause, never take chances with high-risk things.

Many parents always think: children are still young, what can be turned over. However, it is because the child is still young and does not know how to distinguish the risk index of things. As a result, carelessness may lead to catastrophe.

As mentioned above, children who throw toys down may be just for fun, but they may cause significant property damage or casualties.

Mom Le has seen many parents disapprove of their children’s dropping things. They think that no one is down there anyway. Or reprimand the behavior of children. You know, if you’re not afraid of ten thousand, just in case, can you guarantee that there will never be anyone below?

It’s possible to smash something today and a person tomorrow.

For “high altitude parabolic”, countless bloody news events have proved to us the great harm of high altitude parabolic. Parents should attach great importance to such high-risk things. Since children are very young, they should teach to prohibit throwing things, prohibit throwing things, and kill the dangerous signs in the bud.


Don’t be a grown up “bear child”

Never feel that children can do what they want when they are young. Never let children feel that they can do what they want.

No child is born a bear child who doesn’t understand the rules and doesn’t obey the rules. Behind all the bear children, there is a “bear parent” who doesn’t pay attention to the rules education.

To teach children to understand the rules is not to set restrictions on their freedom, nor to force their children to abide by the addition for the convenience of their parents, but to teach them how to abide by the law, be polite, respect people, and be kind / friendly to others.

Teach children to take things with care, not to throw things around, not to throw things downstairs

Many parts of life follow the rules to let children know that the world is not what they want to do.

It’s a common fault of many parents that they don’t set rules and come to education when something happens. However, not every parent has the opportunity to “mend the past”, because sometimes, a small matter may make parents regret for life.


Teach children to be responsible for their actions

In the TV drama “Wu Lin Wai Zhuan”, Xiao Guo once said that when she was a child, she encouraged her classmates to play truant. As a result, she was told and apologized by her father from door to door, and no children would play truant with her again.

When Le Ma was a child, she had the same experience. When she was 5 years old, she played with a neighbor’s brother to throw sandbags and accidentally smashed the flowerpot on the balcony of a nearby family. The flowerpot broke all over the ground. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

After my mother knew that, she beat me up first, and then took me to apologize to others. The compensation money was deducted from my pocket money. I was still under the supervision of my mother, and I cleaned up the flower pot debris and soil downstairs.

Since then, I dare not throw things around.

Don’t help your child bear the consequences of his fault because he is young, so that he will never be able to remember for a long time. Only when you let him realize what is the “cost”, can he clearly know that it should not be done, and that mistake should not be made again.

The lack of education or negligence is the main cause of many children’s mistakes. Don’t wait for the tragedy to come back to regret, from now on, pay attention to the safety education of children!


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