As babies grow older and develop more and more skills, sometimes they are overwhelmed. For example, when you sleep, a little guy can always go to an unexpected place and roll over and fall out of bed; when you play in the bed, you can knock it out.

There are fewer safety precautions on the bed, and babies are more prone to play when they are playing.


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Crib Bed

Bed circumference in addition to increasing the face value of the crib, it can protect the baby in all directions, to prevent the baby’s head kick when the knock and injury. But the mother should pay attention to, if the baby will have rolled over, sleep in the crib with a bedside, to keep an eye often check, to prevent the baby stuck and asphyxiation.

[newborn cotton crib enclosure]

Reasons for Recommendation: Animal beds are lively, interesting, colorful patterns are more complex, to help the baby’s sensory development. The bed is surrounded by 4 pieces and 4 sides. It can protect the baby in all directions. Pure cotton material without fluorescent agent, reactive dyeing and printing, baby can safely bite. Each bed can be used on both sides. It can be washed and has a long service life.

[moon boat baby cotton bed bed]

Reasons for Recommendation: Elephants and small houses combined, different from the integrated and coherent bedding, this can be free to match, high-value and creative, both bedding and baby’s toys, but also to make small pillows. The baby elephant has BB call randomly, which can train the baby’s hearing. The bed is surrounded by natural knitted cotton fabric, which can give baby more care.

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Big bed guardrail

Most family cribs are idle, but there is a risk that a baby will fall asleep or play in an adult bed. If you want your baby to sleep peacefully and safely, you can prepare a protective barrier for the big bed.

Crib fence

Reasons for Recommendation: Spain’s aesthetic design of the fence, favored by many mothers, can be called “net red fence”. It can be combined in various forms and stitching according to the age of the baby. This bed bar has a special connection piece, and it is not easy to form a whole body.

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Bed in bed

Mothers who have shared beds with their babies know that two fat men and a little fat man sleep in the same bed, and they are very constrained. In fact, you can prepare a folded baby bed, baby sleep open, can sleep with the mother’s company, folded up, baby can play in the big bed, kill two birds with one stone.

[moon boat portable baby crib]

Recommended Reason: This kind of bed with natural latex coconut palm mattress, both sides can be used to protect the baby’s spinal development. Double zipper design, easy to disassemble; with children’s safety button, easy to release; space lengthened, suitable for 0-36 months of babies. The quality of the bed is only 2.8 kilograms, so it is convenient to go out to carry.

[folding cotton bed]

Recommended reasons: eggshell-style package can make the baby sleep more smoothly, but also to prevent adults overturning pressure on the baby; the bed can be dismantled, can also be unfolded into a “C” side, the mother breast-feeding, but also convenient for the baby to play, become a game bed. The ornamental animals are colorful and sound, which can attract the attention of the baby.

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Bed bell toy

Bed bell toys not only can effectively soothe the baby, but also can decorate the bed, so that the bed becomes a baby’s toy paradise. When the baby wakes up, the bedbell toy can attract the baby’s attention, the baby can remind the mother when playing, has woken up. With a toy companion, the baby will be very happy.


The reason for recommendation: Candy ringing bell can make baby’s bed become a colorful paradise. The toy is crystal plush, soft and delicate touch, water wash is not easy to fade, very suitable for newborn babies to play. The design of gluing is easy to disassemble, and it can also be freely assembled. It is also very convenient to carry out.

Baby rattling bell

Recommendation: This bed bell can rotate 360 degrees, built-in 60 music, the sound is very soft, can effectively soothe the baby. The shape of the doll is interesting, moderate in size, suitable for the baby to grasp, can attract the baby to grasp and play, but also exercise hand-eye coordination.


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