First of all, children, especially infants under 6 years old, their spleen and stomach function is not sound, and growth and development is very fast, need more nutrients, if the diet is not reasonable, it is easy to cause fire, the fire is easy to cause children picky food, if picky eating, it will lead to malnutrition in children, which is one of the main reasons for children’s growth and development.

Secondly, children’s appetite is not good, eating too little, resulting in poor food composition structure. If you eat too little, stool will be reduced, resulting in abdominal and intestinal muscle weakness, weak peristalsis, leading to stubborn constipation; another example is that children fed with milk containing more calcified casein are more likely to cause constipation in children, which is also the reason why milk powder is easy to get inflamed.

Once again, it not only has an impact on the child’s body, but also has a “psychological” effect that we often ignore. For children under 3 years old, it is easy to have defecation resistance psychologically, have defecation intention physically, resist defecation behavior because of obstruction of excretion psychologically, lack the habit of defecation on time, can not form the conditioned reflex of defecation, and form the bad habit of random defecation. For the children over 3 years old, they will have psychological dependence on their parents because of illness. Once the parents do not handle it properly, it is likely to cause more serious psychological and personality dependence.


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