Experts point out that with the increase of obese children, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is also increasing. And allergic, asthmatic children because of poor breathing, sleep is not good. Some children have night terrors, daytime sleepiness and other problems. Among them, the vast majority of children sleep bad habits, lying in bed reading, listening to music to sleep, drinking coffee at night and other bad habits, will seriously affect children’s sleep.

At present, the biggest problem for children is that they can’t sleep independently. Many babies have the bad habit of “not holding or sleeping”. In the outpatient clinic, even two or three years old, but also parents holding shaking sleep. School age children are deprived of sleep because of heavy schoolwork.

How to create a sleeping environment?

1. Parents should create a comfortable and quiet sleeping environment for their children, and do not play TV in the bedroom;

2. Don’t play games before going to bed. (playing games before going to bed will make the baby immersed in the excited state and difficult to fall asleep;

3. Don’t often sleep with your baby in your arms, which will easily lead to the bad habit of “not holding or sleeping”


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