In March, the spring breeze blows on my face! It’s spring again, which is a good season for traveling. I believe many mothers will take their babies out to play in spring, breathe the fresh air in nature, see the beautiful spring scenery of everything’s recovery, and also let their babies wash the skin burden brought by winter in a natural state. So, what should thoughtful parents prepare for their babies in advance?

1. Make a plan: Choose a tourist destination that your baby likes or is suitable for. Before going on a long trip, check for any infectious diseases such as hand, foot, mouth, chickenpox, etc. in the area, avoid the trip or get vaccinated in advance. Develop a realistic travel goal that is suitable for the baby’s age and physical condition.

2. Check the weather: The air humidity should not be too high, and the temperature should not be too high. You should choose a temperature of around 15-25 ℃, with slight dew, no clouds or few clouds, and low winds.

3. Clothing should be suitable: Although the temperature may rise in spring, it is also important to be wary of the cold weather. It is still necessary to bring 1-2 thick coats and a few long sleeved shirts, which can be thick or thin to match. It must be a casual clothing that can be taken off when it’s hot and worn together when it’s cold, elegant and stylish. Try not to bring a sweater. You need to bring more pairs of pants. Because there are more opportunities for babies to wet their pants outside, and it is not convenient to hang them out in a hotel. Of course, those who use diapers can bring less. Bring 1-2 vests, you can take them off when it’s hot or put them on to protect your chest when it’s cold. It’s very real. Bring clothes that you usually wear, so that changing the environment does not easily cause skin allergies in children.

4. Mandatory toys: Bring a few more toys that your baby loves to distract them from crying or feeling impatient due to prolonged driving. They can make babies feel safe and at ease, reducing anxiety in unfamiliar environments.

5. Bring a special sunscreen for young children: Although the sunshine in spring is not as strong as in summer, continuous exposure to sunlight in open areas on the outskirts may still harm the delicate skin of children in the midday sun. Remind the nanny not only to apply sunscreen to the child before going out, but also to remember to patch it up after the child sweats while running.


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