Outdoor activities are now their most desirable. They can also go far away from home. However, the dangers of crossing the road and cycling are not fully understood, because their judgment of speed and direction is not mature, and it is difficult for them to take the initiative to avoid some obstacles.

· They are not good at judging the sound of vehicles, and have no concept of distance and speed.

· Their balance skills need to be constantly practiced, and they still need guidance and practice in roller skating.

· They have not yet been able to predict obstacles and avoid dangers in time.

· The coordination ability of eyes, hands and bodies is still developing, and the timely response to extracorporeal events is not perfect.

· I get burned easily because they are helping in the kitchen like adults.

Now, with your help, we can learn about security and read and discuss information with you.

Cycling and road traffic safety

· Make sure your child wears the helmet correctly before cycling and pulley sports, and ensure the high quality of the helmet.

· Your child’s bicycle model should be suitable for his or her age. How to determine whether the model is suitable? When a child sits in a chair with his hands on the handlebars, he must also be able to reach the ground with his feet.

· Tell children not to ride bicycles on the road, even in the community to avoid riding in the lane.

· By example, it is a simple and important rule to teach children to obey traffic safety rules, especially stop before crossing the road.

· Tell the child not to cross the street alone without an adult.

· Teach children not to play behind the car.

· Get your child’s car seat ready and properly installed.

When your child is in the car, use the child car seat every time.


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