Childhood autism, also known as autism, usually begins within 3 years of age. The specific cause of the disease is unknown, and may be related to genetic, infectious, immune and other factors, so it can not be prevented, preferably early detection and treatment. How to find out early? Social communication disorder, language communication disorder, stereotyped repetitive behavior and narrow interest are the three main symptoms of autism.

Among them, social interaction disorder is the core symptom of autism. For example, infants do not like hugging; lack of eye contact with relatives; do not participate in children’s cooperative games; usually not afraid of strangers, and parents do not have special emotions; when necessary, they take their parents’hands to a certain place, can not use fingers, rarely use nodding or shaking their heads to express consent or rejection, etc., these are societies. Common manifestations of cross obstacles.

Most autistic children are backward in language development, and often do not speak at the age of two or three. Although some children have language ability, they lack communication. They either repeat stereotyped language or talk to themselves with monotonous content. Among them, the most common language is imitation language and parrot language. For example, if you teach your child to say “Call Auntie Good!” normal children will follow, “Auntie Good”, but autistic children may completely repeat your words “Call Auntie Good”, just like parrots learn to speak. Some autistic children’s symptoms are reflected in stereotyped repetitive behavior and narrow interests, such as watching hands, looking at the ceiling, turning circles, smelling, playing with switches, etc. They also attach to a particular thing, it is difficult to accept changes in the environment, such as do not like to eat new food, always sleeping with the same pillow, toys, etc., or cry.

For children with autism, treatment and training before the age of 6 is the key. Early treatment, about half of the children can return to normal. At present, special education and training are the main methods and drugs are complementary.

Specifically, how should we do this?

1., play dumb in front of children. For children’s ability to do everything, parents do not arrange everything and give their children time to think and express.

2., express feelings to children. Parents often make different expressions for him, such as crying face, smiling face and so on. Teach him to observe and let him gradually learn to experience other people’s emotions.

3. more physical encouragement. Children with autism are difficult to accept new things and new environments. At a certain stage, they may take the practice of physical rewards.

4. unreasonable demands, crying and disregard. Without paying attention to him for a long time, he found that his behavior was meaningless and would correct itself.

5. Take children skateboarding, swing, balance beam and other games, which can reduce the hyperactivity of autistic children, increase language and communication, and have a better effect.


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