The most eye-catching scenery in summer is the flying skirts and beautiful hair.

After giving birth to a daughter, mothers all hope to dress her up as a beautiful little princess, with long hair, fluffy skirt and princess shoes as the standard.

However, if you want your baby to be beautiful, you have to pay a “price”. Especially in summer, it is a history of blood and tears to grow baby’s hair, because you will experience the following troubles_

1. Difficult shampooing

I remember that when I was a child, the editors’output was really touching, more than adults, and very dark, and people praised it. Mother was reluctant to cut short and thin. As you know, every time she sweated, her hair was wet and she tied n knots. It’s very troublesome to wash your hair. When you bend down to wash your hair, you accidentally get water all over your eyes. It’s very uncomfortable. Children must shout when they feel uncomfortable. Then there’s often a pig-like cry in the bathroom… It’s terrible to think about it!

Then is the super-thick hair volume, shampoo used more than n, or can not rub bubbles out, it is difficult to rub the whole head out of bubbles, when washing, do not know how much water to use to wash clean. Sometimes, after washing, the result is a little bit of foam. It can only be washed in the bathroom again.


But now conditions have improved, and various shampoo artifacts are emerging in an endless stream. Mothers can search for a shampoo artifact in a treasure. Babies can lie down and shampoo their hair. It’s as comfortable as shampoo in a shampoo. So babies can’t resist it.

2. It’s hard to tie your hair.

A long black hair, look very eye-catching, right? But summer is so hot, can’t always shawl hair, then tie it up. However, when you read n hair-editing tutorials and were planning to make a few beautiful shapes for your baby, the little fellow did not cooperate, crying twice, so angry that the old mother wanted a pair of scissors to be cut.


Babies hate to have their hair tossed, so mothers should not always tie their babies’complicated hairstyles and knittings, but try some fresh and lovely shapes, so that babies can not resist, but also beautiful.

1. Sweet pill head

For girls, mothers can also tie a cute and fun pill head, and then match some lovely and sweet flower hair decorations, with a princess skirt, it will appear that the baby is very sweet and lovely.

2. Goddess’s half-tied hair

Goddess’s half-tie is the most friendly way for long-haired princesses to tie their hair in spring. Mothers can try this kind of tie-up for baby girls. If it’s too hot, they can tie up the hair below. The hairstyle is changeable. It’s suggested that all kinds of braids should be matched to make it more suitable for baby girls.

3. Playful twist braids

The twist braid is also a classic and friendly hairstyle for girls. Of course, twist braid is also the most favorite hairstyle for little princesses. Whether it’s going out to play or going to kindergarten, this hairstyle is absolutely very suitable, with a variety of shapes. It can be high braided twist or low braided twist. It can be any kind of braided twist. It is easy to make cute and cute.

4. Cute Two Horsetails

Babies are cute and dull, and a pair of ponytails makes them more cute. However, many children are active, often two ponytails tied together, a burst of crazy play down loose. What should we do? Let’s turn the two ponytails into two braids, and add beautiful hair ornaments, so that it won’t be easy to loosen and sprout, so that the baby can run and play beautifully.


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