I believe that many parents have experienced chilblain, itching and pain. They are very uncomfortable.

Chilblain is more common in winter and early spring, and babies are more prone to chilblain because their skin dissipates heat faster, consumes more heat, has a particularly developed vascular system, and is more sensitive to changes in the temperature of the external environment; in addition, the baby’s skin moisture content is more, which is one of the reasons for the prone to chilblain.

Baby if the growth of chilblain, not only will be very uncomfortable, but also affect the diet and mental state, even parents will feel tired.

Don’t want your baby to experience such trouble, the best way is to do a good job of prevention, try to avoid chilblain.

How to prevent babies from having chilblain?

1, keep warm while going out.

It’s very important to take children out in winter. When you go out, you should bring scarves, gloves and respirators to prevent frostbite.

In addition, clothes, shoes and socks should be replaced in time to ensure that clothes, shoes and socks are dry every day. Baby’s activity is big, metabolism is fast, sweating is also more, should choose to breathe better cotton clothing.

Also note that, in addition to keeping warm, the dress can be slightly looser, wearing too tight words easy to cause blood circulation blockage, thereby inducing chilblain.

2, timely use of skin cream.

Whether before going out, or after going out, should wash hands and face, use cream to protect. Skin cream should pay attention to choose natural, frozen parts can use Vaseline or other oils skin care products, reduce heat loss, protect the skin.

3, attention should be paid to diet.

Usually you can give your baby some high-calorie and vitamin-rich foods, which can enhance the skin’s resistance to cold stimulation, prevent frostbite.

Although most parents value the baby’s warm work. However, under heavy protection is still negligent place, a baby accidentally grow chilblain, how to care?

What should babies pay attention to when they have chilblain?

Babies with chilblain are usually caused by improper nursing. It is not easy to detect chilblains where they occur. When itching and burning occur, a mild form of chilblain is formed. Now that chilblain has emerged, mothers must avoid the following three points when taking care of their babies, so as not to aggravate the situation.

1. Avoid getting warm immediately after freezing.

Close to heating immediately after exposure to cold outdoors, not only does it not alleviate frostbite, it burns already frozen-damaged skin and accelerates the severity of chilblain. It is suggested that we first move our hands and feet before heating.

2, avoid using hot water to soak your hands or feet.

After frostbite, remember not to immediately take a hot bath, soak hands and feet with hot water, this time the skin nerve sensation of frostbite weakened, rapid warming will only aggravate the injury, not conducive to recovery.

3, do not rub the baby’s frostbite frequently.

Chilblain can be rubbed, but attention should be paid to strength and rubbing can promote recovery. Remember not to knead blindly, pay attention to grasp the strength, so as not to let the damaged skin become more serious.


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