Playing games is a way for babies to interact with their mothers. For the baby, the game is not the same as a simple game concept, it is more important is a kind of exploration activities. It is in the process of the game that the baby’s mind and physical ability develop rapidly.

Babies over 1 year old like to play games with hypothetical properties, which is determined by the development of their memory and reasoning ability. Playing such games can not only promote the development of the above two abilities, but also enable them to acquire many valuable experiences about their surroundings, and gradually learn how to control themselves and the things around them. So, how to play games with 1-year-old baby? Here are some useful tips:

1. Collection and search

In front of the child, put a toy under the pillow or under the clothes, or wrap a small toy with cloth or paper, so that he can find it and deepen his understanding of the concept of “invisible objects still exist”. Toys and covers can be changed constantly to arouse his interest.

2. Refers to body parts

Face to face with the child, first point to their body parts and tell him: “this is the eye, the eye can see the baby; This is the ear, the ear can hear the sound… “Can also refer to the doll or his body. Then he asked, “where are the eyes?” Then let him point to himself to train his reaction ability and coordination.

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1. Collection and search

Page 2: 3. Using tools

Page 3: 5. Take out the bottle


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