Mothers know that picture books are the most suitable form for children to read. Many studies show that children’s ability to recognize graphics can begin to develop slowly. Although the children were illiterate at that time, they had acquired a certain ability to read pictures. If parents could consciously read pictures with their children, create a warm environment, read words to them, and read pictures and tell stories with them.

Children are exposed to high-level pictures and texts from the beginning. They will taste the art of painting in listening to stories. They will understand words and literature in appreciating pictures.

The high quality pictures and texts in picture books exert immeasurable and subtle influence on the development of children’s cognitive ability, observation ability, communication ability, imagination, creativity and emotional development.

Parents can choose different types of picture books for children according to their age. Babies aged 0-1 are suitable for large, clear pictures with no complicated background. The contents are concise and clear. Convenient baby’s cognition and observation are enlightening.

Today I’m going to list 3 kinds of enlightening picture books that 1 year old babies can’t miss.

1. Picture recognition books.

Through picture book reading to help children develop health, language, society, science, art and five areas of intelligence. For infants with smaller months, they should choose cognitive pictures with clear themes, simple things and close ties to daily life. Start with understanding colors, shapes, food, clothing, toys, animals and transportation. Let the baby feel a small sense of surprise in the page-turning transformation, increase the interesting and attractive cognitive process.

2. Life experience picture books

For babies slightly older in the month, it is difficult to understand complex stories because of less experience in life. Baby babies are interested in picture books related to their life experience. Babies in every aspect of their family life: eating, sleeping, bathing, going to the toilet, brushing their teeth, dressing, greeting, making friends, etc. Life enlightenment books like these are very suitable for babies of this period, who can understand and develop good habits through their mother’s description and reading.

3, game picture books

Baby’s work is game, reading is the best game, picture books are the best toys. For infants and toddlers, picture books, like other things, are their toys, the way they perceive the world before them, but there is more than one way to perceive it.

Beyond the usual picture books and stories, if children experience them in a “game” way, this interaction not only deepens their experience of language and images, but also makes them happy in reading. This accumulation of happiness will naturally integrate the book into the baby’s life, and lay a foundation for good reading habits in the future.


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