Now, interest classes are emerging in endlessly, and parents are gradually realizing the importance of nurturing their children’s artistic talent.

Anxious parents, in order to enable their children to have a foothold in the future society, but also for the future to be able to have a more skilled side, will generally choose to let their children learn to draw, stars are also the case.

What are the advantages of learning to draw?

It can cultivate children’s perception ability, hands-on ability, observation ability, imagination, creativity, but also can effectively develop children’s right brain, increase children’s knowledge in all aspects, improve children’s aesthetic quality, enhance children’s memory.

In addition, painting portrait music is also conducive to emotional relaxation. When children can not express anger, sadness and other emotions through words, painting is a good way to relieve, it will help children in the future physical and mental health development.

Although parents also know that it is important to develop their children’s ability to draw, they often fall into some common misunderstandings. For example:

1. Restrict children’s doodling.

When children reach a certain age, they are especially fond of drawing. The walls, tables, chairs and so on in the family become the “canvas” of ta.

Most parents fear that their children will dirty furniture, clothes, etc., will loudly scold their children for such graffiti behavior, rather than choose a good education. This will only constrain the development of children’s creativity, and let children fear painting.

Smart parents will also stop their children from scribbling, but they will also give them a free space to paint. For example, paint a graffiti wall at home, or prepare a set of small desks and chairs, so that children have their own space.

If you worry that your child will get dirty clothes, you can put on a special smock for painting.

2. Interfere too much with children.

When a child is concentrating on drawing or doing handicraft, you disturb him for fear that he will stain his hands or clothes, or forcibly interrupt what he is doing at bedtime or mealtime, which is not conducive to his continuing thinking.

3, let the children draw pictures according to your impression.

Hair must always be black, the sky must be blue, the sun must be yellow…. If you often use your own fixed thinking to correct your child’s imagination, then one day, when the child’s imagination gradually withered and did not want to draw can not draw, regret is too late!

To protect the imagination of a child, it’s very simple. Just give him enough paper, brushes, and tools to use.

Parents all hope that the baby can have artistic cells, but also hope that from an early age to cultivate the baby’s interest in art, especially painting skills are very important. This is not bad, parents should pay attention to the children should be given full freedom, do not use their own knowledge to correct the children’s imagination.


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