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The second step of the countdown to entering the park starts

Work and rest adjustment has been gradually getting better, but Xiaohu is a little depressed! I wonder. In order to make him happy, I said to him, “Oh, it’s almost like kindergarten. There will be a lot of toys and children playing with you at that time!” who knows, Xiaohu said “don’t go to kindergarten!” Oh, it’s estimated that the kids know that the day of entering the kindergarten is approaching day by day, and they are going to leave their mother. On the contrary, they have a little resistance in their heart! I think of the way to reduce the separation anxiety of the baby, and the best way is to help them Let him look forward to kindergarten. Well, it seems that I’m going to start to implement my second countdown plan!

I decided to take tiger around the kindergarten after breakfast or dinner, so that my baby can get familiar with the kindergarten environment as soon as possible.

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Page 1: start the second step of the countdown plan page 2: take your baby to the kindergarten once a day page 3: there are more children playing together in the kindergarten

Page 4: please call me “little tiger” page 5: editor’s note

Page 1: the second step of the countdown plan starts

Page 2: take your baby to kindergarten once a day

Page 3: more children play together in kindergarten

Page 4: please call me “Xiao Hu”

Page 5: editor’s note


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