There is a saying called “It’s better to do it with your hands than with your eyes a hundred times”, which shows the importance of hands-on ability. Research has shown that children with stronger hands-on abilities and more flexible hands have a more sensitive brain and stronger memory.

The cultivation of hands-on ability is closely related to the future development of children in various aspects. Hands-on ability can not only improve children’s intelligence, but also enhance their creativity, which is also helpful for enriching their imagination. Developing hands-on skills can be done according to age.

Characteristics of hand development in 3-year-old babies

If your baby is already 3 years old, you will find that they have made significant progress in the development of hand and finger abilities, becoming more proficient in fine movements, developing muscle and control abilities. At this stage, babies can already master a lot of finger and hand movements, and can move each finger individually, or even coordinate the movements of several fingers.

Toys suitable for 3-year-old babies

After the baby undergoes the above changes, mothers can choose suitable toys based on their developmental characteristics. Among the toys suitable for 3-year-old babies, some relatively quiet games and toys can further improve their hands-on abilities. For example:

1. Building blocks

At this stage, babies are also more interested in the changes in the position of objects. When playing games, they will pay attention to the position of objects, such as the placement of blocks, and even stack several blocks together.

2. Mushroom nail insertion board

Babies can cleverly combine different inserting boards and also nail small nails into holes. This process requires the gripping ability of the small hands, which can further exercise the baby’s fine movements of the small hands.

3. Beading

Beads are one of the favorite toys for children aged 2-5. In addition to having the same exercise effect as building blocks, they also require good coordination between two hands. For babies, the requirement for control ability is higher, so the difficulty is also greater. However, this toy can indeed be played for a long time. But it should be noted that when choosing beads, attention should be paid to the safety of the rope and beads. Teaching children how to play can stimulate their interest and desire for hands-on operation.

4. Puzzle

Puzzle is a highly intellectual game that can bring endless fun. Puzzle puzzles not only familiarize babies with the concept of plane combinations, exercise their thinking ability, and cultivate a sense of achievement, but also enhance their hand eye coordination ability, cultivate patience and concentration. Most babies who can sit quietly and play puzzles are very patient.

5. Paintbrush

At this stage, babies no longer grip their pens with fists, but can grip them like adults and draw circles and squares. Therefore, they can be given a set of brushes to immerse themselves in the world of painting freely. At first, the baby may draw haphazardly, but as he ages, he will first decide in his mind what he wants to draw and do, promoting the further development of fine movements and hands-on abilities.

Alright, the above is a small gift that I have introduced to mothers for 3-year-old babies. When choosing a suitable toy, mothers should pay more attention to the safety of the toy.


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