The development of baby’s big movements is related to the later sports ability and learning ability. For example, the baby’s sense of balance exercise is very important.

Some babies have passed the stage of learning to walk, but they are often easy to trip when they walk. When they play games that need a sense of balance, they often have to stagger. Even when they walk with things, they are very unstable, as if they are going to fall down the next moment It’s all about the development of the sense of balance, and parents need to attach great importance to it.

The sense of balance is very life-oriented!

For example, in the infant period, when the baby is crying and in a bad mood, the mother holds the baby and gently shakes it, which can also strengthen the balance ability of the baby in the early stage.

In addition, learning to turn over, learn to sit, stand, climb, walk and so on are all behaviors to exercise and strengthen the baby’s sense of balance. When the baby learns to walk, the balance ability develops rapidly. When the baby is older, he can go to bed by himself and cross barriers such as hurdles and ditches, which will help the development of balance ability.

Baby learning to walk stage, staggering, walk is not very stable, mother must not be too anxious, more patience, let the baby slowly explore learning.

Don’t miss the critical period of balanced ability development!

Some studies have found that developmental dysplasia of sense of balance can cause children to stand without posture, sit without posture, fall easily, take things unsteadily, walk against the wall, upset, irritable, restless, eyes unable to focus on the target, poor interpersonal relationship, aggressive, and even affect the development of language ability and left brain organization and logic ability due to brain dysfunction.

The sense of balance affects the whole life of the baby, and it is very important for the development of the baby’s sports ability! 2-4 years old is the key period for the development of balance ability. At this stage, a lot of baby’s movements are related to balance ability. The sense of balance can promote the development of baby’s brain, and also plays an extremely important role in the development of baby’s sports ability.

5 small games, exercise baby’s sense of balance

In daily life, parents can have fun games with their baby, which can not only exercise the baby’s sense of balance, but also enhance the parent-child relationship, killing two birds with one stone.

1. Go straight

When the weather is bad, you can play this game with your baby indoors, which is especially interesting.

Specific play: on the floor with non stick a 2 meters long 10 cm wide line, let the child walk on the line, at the beginning allow the baby to go out of the outside world, but with the play time for a long time, try to let the baby do not go out of the boundary, this is a little difficult for 2-3-year-old baby, but can greatly exercise the ability of balance and coordination.

The playing field of this game is not limited to home. When you take your baby to the street, you can also let him walk along a straight line of the sidewalk. However, pay attention to safety when playing this game outdoors.

2. Skip the grid

Also known as jump plane, jump house, this is a game adults used to play when they were young, maybe children are not familiar with it now. This game can be constantly upgraded Oh, the ability to balance training is also very helpful.

3. Stepping on stones

When I was a child, it was also very interesting to step on stones to cross rivers and streams.

First, prepare colored paper, cut it into a circular pattern and spread it on the floor. Play, lead the baby to play imagination, “stepping on” the stone to the opposite of the “Lake”. At the beginning of the game, parents can lead their children to walk together, help them understand the rules of the game, and let them walk by themselves after they are familiar with it.

4. Shooting balloons

Chasing bubbles and balloons is also one of children’s favorite games. This game can also exercise balance, coordination, and baby’s quick reaction ability.

5. Independence

This small game, for the baby is also a little difficult. At the beginning, parents can teach the baby to stand on the back of the chair with both hands, lift one of the child’s legs to hang in the air for about 5 seconds, and then put it down. Slowly, let the baby try for a longer time, even without relying on anything to stand.

Balance ability is the ability of the whole, and its development is the basis of the development of other senses. Parents should not ignore it.


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