After children go to kindergarten, they always like to play with children of the same age. Whenever they have time, they want to run outside. Compared with before, it seems that babies don’t like to talk about happy things with their parents every day. Why does the baby become like this? In fact, after the baby goes to kindergarten, his social circle expands, and he will find that he plays crazier with his peers and has more topics to chat with. On the contrary, sometimes I am “educated” by my parents without saying a few words. Sometimes I always feel that my parents can’t understand their own feelings, so the dialogue becomes boring.

What should parents do to make their children fall in love with chatting with themselves? I’ll teach you 9 Tips to make your parent-child relationship warm up again.

Secret 1: keep childlike innocence

Whether parents have a childlike innocence is very important. Only when we are childlike can we put aside the identities of “adults” and “parents”. When you accept the child, the child can accept you.

Secret 2: keep close contact with children

To understand children, we should contact them more and understand their thoughts, preferences and inner needs from their language and behavior.

Secret 3: learn the art of listening

Pay attention to children’s reaction and attitude. Modern parents are busy with their work. When talking to their children, they often rush to express their opinions and instructions. They expect their children to do as they say. It’s better not to have any opinions. Therefore, often not very carefully listen to the child’s words, children feel uncomfortable communicating with their parents, the generation gap is bound to become deeper and deeper.

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Page 1: keep childlike innocence page 2: feel children’s feelings

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Page 1: keep childlike

Page 2: feel your child’s feelings

Page 3: don’t say negative words


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