From the birth of a child, watching him learn to walk, carry a schoolbag and stay away from home for the first time, the time just slips away, and the child grows up day by day. In the eight age stages of children’s growth, parents must learn to quit in time!

3 years old, out of the table

Let children learn to eat by themselves

When a child is more than one year old, he can prepare some food, such as potato chips, and let him grasp it. After a long period of training and eating method from 2 to 3 years old, when he is 3 years old, he is ready to go to kindergarten. He should have a good command of self-care abilities such as eating, drinking, dressing and shoes. This is a necessary preparation for children to enter kindergarten.

Five years old, out of the bedroom

– let children rest independently and reduce dependence

When a child is 5 years old, he can be trained to sleep independently. At first, he may not dare to sleep alone. He is afraid that there is no one around him. At this time, his parents should encourage him to tell a story before going to sleep, promise that both parties will not close the door and discuss with the child a solution to his fear.

Six years old, out of the bathroom

Respect for children’s privacy starts with bathing

In particular, parents of the opposite sex, even mothers and sons, should gradually keep a distance, let their children get used to bathing, close the door, wash their hair and bathe by themselves. Before that, they must learn to skillfully use hot water and cold water faucets to avoid scalding.

8 years old, out of private space

No matter how intimate a relationship is, you should have your own space

The 8-year-old has been in primary school for several years. He has his own room, his own bed and his own writing desk. Every time he enters his space, his parents will knock on the door or ask for his opinions, instead of rushing in and looking through his things.

12, quit the kitchen

— let children learn how to cook by themselves and realize the difficulties of their parents

At the age of 12, he is about to graduate from primary school. He also has a sense of safety in the use of gas cookers and knives in the kitchen. At this time, he should learn to cook a simple meal, wash rice and cut vegetables, fry meat and fried eggs. He can cook and eat at least.

13 years old, quit the housework,

The lazier the parents are, the more independent their children are

He has been cultivating his independence. He has been doing what he can at different ages. When he is 13 years old, when he is about to enter middle school, he should be able to handle all the housework related to his personal life by himself. Maybe middle school is going to live there!

18, opt out

Let children follow their inner choices

Finally, when the child reaches adulthood, he may have experienced many rebellious and back talk. Now he is a big boy or a big girl. He has his own views on things. His parents stand on an equal and calm attitude, listen to the real choices of the child’s heart, and do not try to plan the future of the child.

After marriage, leave the family of children

Boil to this day, we are also old, after marriage, they have their own small family, will usher in a new life of them, also want to be parents. They can guard their own happiness, and we can just be a spectator, listening patiently when they need to listen, when they need a harbor.

Long Yingtai, a contemporary female writer, once said that the so-called “father daughter mother and son” only means that you and his fate are constantly watching his back fade away. You stand at this end of the path, watching him gradually disappear in the corner of the path, and he told you silently with his back: no need to chase. (excerpt from “seeing you off” by Long Yingtai)

No matter how old your children are, they will go through this process. Raising children is a process of gradually moving away. Have you quit in time?


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