“What should I do if my son is always swearing recently?”

At lunch, a colleague complained to me about this problem with a sad face. Her son’s situation is: he just went to kindergarten. Recently, he often uttered some ugly words inexplicably, “go to hell!” “Stupid mother!” “Get out of here!” She tried hard to persuade the child not to say dirty words, but the child became more and more addicted.

As parents in the new era, we didn’t teach our children the lesson of politeness. The children suddenly became “bad” and swearing. Parents must be very worried. However, as long as you take a minute to understand the reasons behind the “dirty words”, you will find that the children are not so “bad”, and more than half of your worries are unnecessary. (follow wechat official account: mother duo’s parent-child time and talk about parenting)

The real reason why babies say dirty words

1. “Curse sensitive period”

I wonder if you have ever heard of “curse sensitive period”? It usually appears after the child is 3 years old. At this time, the child gradually finds the power of dirty words: compared with ordinary words, dirty words can attract the attention of people around (such as parents), so the power of “dirty words” in the eyes of children is stronger. Therefore, when adults strongly stop children from speaking dirty words, the more excited they are and the more they want to speak. Children in this period will be particularly fond of swearing, but as long as they pass this stage, children will not be so interested in swearing.

2. The meaning of the word is not clear

The so-called tongyanwuji is all because the speaker is careless. As a baby, don’t expect him to understand the meaning of all the words. Many indecent words such as “shit”, “urine” and “death” are often spoken out before he understands the meaning. It’s entirely because it’s interesting and there is no malice in his heart.

3. Like to imitate others

In the year when “bear haunt” was first popular, my family and her little friends kept their mouths shut, which were the mantras of the protagonists: “hell”, “smelly bear”, “go to hell”

In addition, duo’s mother likes to be stupid. Duo’s father often says, “Why are you so stupid…” then, I don’t know from which day, duo likes to say “stupid mother” and “how stupid mother” to me.

It can be seen that children’s exemplary ability is very strong. Bao’s parents should not speak out in front of children.

What should parents do when children say dirty work

※ desalination treatment

Most of the time, when children say dirty words, parents’ first reaction is to stop and accuse them immediately. But this approach to “curse sensitive period” of the baby, may be counterproductive. He will feel that dirty words can attract the attention of people around him, so he will speak more happily. The right way is to deal with it coldly. Tell the family not to respond to the child’s words. If no one responds, the child will gradually lose interest in these “words” and will be too lazy to use them again.

※ guide the baby to think in an alternate position

The baby doesn’t know what to say, so parents still have to nag him and tell him why he can’t say these words and how others feel. He listened to the truth in a muddle headed way. He would gradually understand some of it and began to worry about other people’s feelings.

※ don’t be the source of baby’s dirty words

If the parents who are closest to the children love to say “dirty words”, it is normal for the children to learn. Therefore, if they do not want their children to learn, the parents themselves should set an example.

※ let the baby learn to express correctly

Like adults, babies sometimes use dirty words to vent their emotions. If this is the case, then teach him to correctly express his emotions, and let him use ordinary and appropriate emotional words to express depressed emotions. If I am angry, I am so upset. (follow wechat official account: mother duo’s parent-child time and talk about parenting)


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