From the start of babies, parents always take care of their children’s daily lives. But in the baby’s intelligence development, many parents do not pay attention to, will think that the development of intelligence is a professional will do. In fact, the baby’s intelligence development is not as complex as imagined. In addition to genetic factors, the development of intelligence is closely related to acquired nutrition, environment, family education and other factors. Before the age of 3 is the golden age of children’s intellectual development, parents grasp this critical period, do the following, believe that the baby will be more intelligent.

1, create an environment for your baby to explore.

With the increase of age and the development of movement, the baby began to have a strong interest in everything around. But many mothers stop their babies for fear of bumping. In fact, this will not only limit the freedom of their babies to explore, but also be detrimental to the development of their baby’s movement and intelligence.

It is better to make a small space at home to remove dangerous items and fence them so that the baby can have a safe playing space.

2. Read with your children often.

Research shows that children who start reading from childhood are smarter and better when they grow up. Don’t think the baby is so small that the contents of the book can’t be remembered at all.

In fact, this stage of reading with the baby, not to let him remember, but to develop his understanding and imagination, so that the baby is better at thinking.

3, do not prevent babies from scribble.

In addition, curious babies are also born masters of painting, when they find their pens can draw a variety of patterns, they will open the door to interest in painting, as long as the opportunity to graffiti.

If you worry about your baby in the home wall, sofa, tea table painted full of “works”, may as well to provide safe and non-toxic baby can wash the brush, to meet the baby’s “creative desire”.

4, pay attention to nutrition balance.

Nourishment is also a very important aspect of developing your baby’s brain. The brain weight of newborn babies is only 25% of that of adults; it reaches 50% of adults at the age of 1; it reaches 90% of adults at the age of 2-3, which shows that 0-3 is the critical period for the development of the baby’s brain.

If you want to make your baby smarter, your mother will have to grasp this critical period to provide a balanced nutritional and intellectual development of the baby’s food.

5, take more children out of the experience.

Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and sniffing are five important ways for babies to understand the world at first. The richer these stimuli are, the more information the baby’s brain receives and the more active the cortex becomes.

Between the ages of 0 and 3, mothers often take their babies out to let them see more new things, hear more wonderful sounds, touch more untouched objects… Will continue to increase the baby’s “experience” to make the baby smarter.

If you want a better future for your baby, you’re going to have to grab hold of the key period in her baby’s intellectual development, and there’s plenty of room for mothers to work on, in addition to genetic factors that aren’t going to change. Finally, I hope that every baby can be healthy, lively and intelligent.


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