As the saying goes, “Eighty is fixed at three years old.”. Before the child is 3 years old, it is a critical period for the formation of children’s cognitive ability, physical fitness, social contact, language, personality, etc. in the process of establishing a special communication system between parents and children, it is very important to spend a lot of time with the baby. Therefore, if conditions permit, we should not put the children before the age of 3 into kindergarten, or let the elderly and nannies take full care of them.

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It’s better to keep your children with you before you are 1 or 3 years old

During the day, parents are busy with their work, so it is helpless to entrust their children to the kindergarten or the elderly at home. But before the age of 3 is a critical period for the cultivation of children’s character and behavior habits. The lack of the role of parents is not only not conducive to children’s enlightenment education, but also has a negative impact on children’s mental health development.

In children’s eyes, the father is as majestic as a mountain, and the mother is warm like the sea. There is no substitute for father and mother. Before the age of three, children need to feel their parents’ love and get a sense of security. Even if the work is busy, parents should ensure that they spend more than two hours with the baby every day, chatting, playing games, participating in the growth of children at every stage, and never miss every happy moment with their children, which is the most precious wealth for you and your children.

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Page 1: it’s best to keep your child with you until you’re 3 years old

Page 2: Mom: the role of a mother is important

Page 3: Dad: the role of dad can’t be ignored

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