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Parents are the first teachers of children’s growth, and family education is very important to children’s growth. As the saying goes: “children are parents’ mirrors, children are parents’ works.” This is enough to show that parents play an important role in the formation of children’s character.

It is often said that home is a person’s harbor and starting point, and parents are the tutor and assistant for children’s success. Therefore, as a parent, you should be responsible for the child’s physical development as well as the child’s psychological development.

However, many parents do not really realize the responsibility of parents and the importance of scientific family education to children’s academic success. Many parents think that as long as their children go to school, they will be taught by teachers. If their children do not learn well, it is the responsibility of the school.

Therefore, in order not to let the children “lose on the starting line”, they do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to let children go to key schools.

Few parents attribute their children’s willful and willful personality formation to themselves, and attribute the origin of their children’s bad habits to themselves. If your child is a wayward bear child, how do you teach it? Throughout your own way of education, have you tried the following mistakes?

One, five inappropriate education methods

1. Parents’ excessive praise or criticism leads to children’s excessive dependence on others’ evaluation

Some children are very concerned about others’ evaluation of themselves, especially their elders. In order to please their parents and get their attention, children will do some unexpected behaviors. Therefore, the attitude of parents to their children has a significant impact on the formation of children’s character.

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Page 1: five inappropriate education methods

Page 2: parents are too democratic

Page 3: parental abuse of rewards

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Page 5: quiet the child

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