Due to the impact of the epidemic, all schools across the country have postponed the start of classes. Faced with the “longest winter vacation in history”, many schools have launched online teaching, and online classes have become a hot topic in recent times, frequently searched. Teachers are forced to become 18th line anchors, parents are forced to become class teachers, and everyone says it’s too difficult!

Although schools and teachers have made preparations in advance, since the start of online classes, there have been many “large-scale online class rollover scenes”:

Some teachers forget to turn on the microphone all the time. He speaks passionately at home, causing students to feel anxious in front of the computer;

Some teachers involve sensitive words in their lectures and are banned within 2 seconds

Some teachers forgot to leave after attending the live class, and as a result, more than 400 students heard his crazily wordy voice.

The parents and the class are very busy, and the parents are constantly complaining and questioning. Online classes have even become the primary culprit affecting neighborhood relationships.

Despite various difficulties in online classes, the current situation of the epidemic is still severe, and online classes at home have become an inevitable choice. Recently, provinces and cities such as Guangdong, Anhui, Liaoning, and Heilongjiang have issued notices that starting from March 2nd, primary and secondary schools, universities, and others will carry out online teaching. I have compiled the delayed start of school notices from several provinces and cities, as shown in the table below:

Although online teaching is convenient and can be taught at home, online classes are not suitable for all children, especially those with poor self-discipline, which has led to a new term “students with learning difficulties in online classes”.

Nowadays, the start of school is far away, and online classes are imperative. Today, I will teach everyone how to improve their attention and efficiency in online learning:

1、 Improving the sense of ceremony is very important!

At home, you can learn by lying down, lying down, eating and writing How to learn how to feel comfortable. This state is the least concentrated in both the body and brain, resulting in very low efficiency in class.

A sense of ceremony can help students quickly enter a state of mind and improve their concentration. So it is recommended that everyone do not wear pajamas for class. It is best to put on clothes for going out, prepare stationery in advance, sit straight in a chair, and maintain the same state as in school class.

2、 Hand recording cannot be omitted!

Be sure to develop a good habit of taking notes in class. Some students are accustomed to watching, speaking, and listening to online classes without taking notes. As soon as they finish the class, their heads get dizzy and they quickly forget what to say. Taking notes not only helps our brain focus more on learning, but also facilitates us to review knowledge after class.

3、 Ask more questions and communicate frequently

Many students rely on watching the replay of online classes when encountering problems. In fact, the most efficient way is to ask questions. When problems are found, you should ask the teacher in a timely manner, and also ask more questions after class. This not only saves time, but the teacher can also help you find and fill in gaps!

4、 Creating a Good Learning Environment

Self study at home is most likely to be distracted. If you want to learn effectively, you must concentrate. Therefore, parents must not listen to lessons in the children’s room, nor play Tiktok, watch TV or send messages nearby, which will distract children’s attention.

5、 Parents actively cooperate with teachers to supervise children to complete relevant assignments

Parents’ cooperation and supervision are also important if you want your child to learn online efficiently!

The first step is to help children develop a practical and feasible schedule, allocate daily time reasonably, and strictly implement it according to the schedule.

Secondly, there is parental supervision. For children with poor self-discipline, they will involuntarily play with their phones or wander when studying and reviewing at home. Parents need to help supervise and urge them to focus on their studies.

Online teaching is different from offline teaching in that it requires the help of electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, and iPads. In this special period where online classes are required all day, children’s vision is facing huge challenges. To protect a child’s vision, the following points should be noted:

1. It is also important to have appropriate rest and schedule when attending classes at home

During online classes, it is also important to rest appropriately. After a class, let the child temporarily leave the computer and relax their eyes. After reading and writing for 20-30 minutes, it is necessary to look at the distance for at least 20 seconds, which can be around 5-10 minutes.

2. Sitting posture should be upright, with eyes at arm’s length from the screen

During online classes, children should keep their eyes and computer screens at arm’s length, with their gaze slightly downward; Sitting posture should be upright, eyes should be one foot away from the book, waist and back should be straight, and do not lie down or lie down casually.

3. Ensure screen brightness and blink in a timely manner

Ensure the brightness of the ambient lighting, and the difference between indoor lighting brightness and screen brightness should not be too large. The contrast of the screen display can be appropriately increased. Staring at the computer screen for a long time can reduce the number of blinks and make the eyes dry. It is important to remind children to consciously blink more during online classes, such as blinking or gently rotating their eyes to rest when they do not need to read the displayed content.

4. Ensure sufficient ‘outdoor activities’

The focus of outdoor activities is on “outdoors”, and sunlight is a good way to prevent myopia. During the special period of the epidemic, one can bask in the sun on balconies, windowsills, and gardens at home, stretch out, do exercises, and engage in physical activity.

This epidemic has disrupted all our life rhythms. Online classes are just a special form of special periods, and conscious learning is the key. May the epidemic pass soon and everything recover as usual!


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