Recently, a 10-year-old girl in Chongqing repeatedly beats a 1-year-old boy in the elevator and brutally throws him out from the 25th floor, which has occupied the headlines of all major media. Why did the girl behave like that? Psychologists explained: Because this girl has a strong aggressive behavior.

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What is aggressive behavior in children

The so-called aggressive behavior of children is also called aggressive behavior. Aggressive behavior refers to the act of harming others and destroying objects because desire is not satisfied.

Children’s aggressive behavior usually includes beating, robbing, swearing, pushing, kicking, biting, causing trouble, teasing, intimidating, bullying other children, seizing or robbing other children’s goods and other acts, which can even lead to direct injuries. Generally speaking, boys attacked mostly by violence and girls attacked mostly by language.

Children’s aggressive behavior will have the first peak in three to six years old and the second peak in ten to eleven years old. The girl in the case is in the second peak age period. She not only beats a 1-year-old boy in the same building repeatedly in the elevator, but also throws a 1-year-old boy down the elevator. It’s an important manifestation of her aggressive behavior.

Children’s aggression is harmful. Psychologists and sociologists have found that 70% of juvenile violent criminals are considered aggressive in childhood. Children with strong aggression from childhood, if the family, school and society do not carry out the correct guidance and education, neglect to give scientific correction, these children will easily go on the road of crime when they grow up. Aggressive behavior directly hinders children’s development in the future. If aggressive behavior continues into youth and adulthood, there will be interpersonal tension and social difficulties.

The common causes of aggressive behavior are heredity, psychology, education, imitation and so on. Scientific research has found that these children may have some kind of minimal genetic defect, and they will behave aggressively in the acquired environment. Children are prone to aggressive behavior when they have emotional problems and behavioral disorders.

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