Modern medicine has proved that fetuses do have the potential to receive education, mainly through the central nervous system and sensory organs. The conditioned reflex of the fetus has basically formed around 26 weeks of gestation.

Around this time, scientific and appropriate early human intervention can make the fetal sensory organs develop more perfectly under the stimulation of many benign signals, and also play a positive role in tapping the psychological potential of the fetus, laying a good foundation for early education after birth. Therefore, the second trimester of pregnancy is the best time to carry out fetal education, we must not miss it.

From 16 weeks of gestation: music prenatal education

It is mainly to stimulate the nervous function of fetal auditory organs with sound waves, which can be implemented in a planned way from 16 weeks of gestation. One to two times a day, 15 to 20 minutes each time, when the fetus awakens and moves. Usually before going to bed at night, it is suitable to play directly through the recorder. The recorder should be about 1 metre away from the pregnant woman, and the sound intensity is 65-70 decibels. It can also use the fetal microphone, which can be directly placed in the corresponding part of the fetal head of the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman. The volume can be heard by the adult through the palm of the hand.

For pregnant women with thick abdominal wall, the volume can be slightly higher; for pregnant women with thin abdominal wall, the volume should be appropriately lower. The rhythm of fetal education music should be gentle and smooth, without lyrics, and the mood of the music should be gentle and sweet. However, we should pay attention to the fact that the recorder should not be placed directly on the abdominal wall of pregnant women to listen to the fetus. While the fetus listens to music, pregnant women should also listen to special tapes for pregnant women with psychological induction words through earphones, or choose their favorite music, and associate with the content of music performance to achieve a relaxed and happy mood, so as to adjust their mindset and enhance the effect of fetal education.

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Page 1: From 16 Weeks of Pregnancy: Musical Prenatal Education

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