As soon as dad goes to the air, Chen Xiaochun’s topic of “super fierce” becomes hot on Weibo.

In the program, Chen Xiaochun is as cool as ever, but he is only a little impatient with his son. See my son walking too slowly, the whole journey black face, the big guy’s aura makes the audience across the screen shiver.

Seeing that his son didn’t catch up, brother Shanji began to roar: Hey! Hurry up

Jasper didn’t know why his father was angry and asked, “what’s wrong with you?”

What’s wrong with you? Hurry up

At this time, instead of being frightened and crying by the roar, Jasper calmly asked his father, “can you stop angry now?”

Because the distance is too far, dad didn’t hear clearly. He immediately turned on the loudspeaker and repeated it.

After hearing this, the big guy was shocked for a few seconds and started to walk back and say sorry.

Even though the picture is blurry, it still catches the smile on brother Shanji’s face . Mingming is a father who is soft in heart but insists on keeping high cold and proud.

Chen Xiaochun, who is so grumpy, can’t even see his friends shouting: Xiaochun is so cute, don’t be cruel to him anymore.

Chen Xiaochun once worried that Jasper would be attacked by the Internet after the program was broadcast. Now, it seems that this kind of worry is completely superfluous.

After all, Xiaochun is not only warm and sensible, but also dares to confront his father openly. He has the wisdom and courage to let his father apologize for being soft. It’s just like countless fans.

Although Chen Xiaochun is a kind of strict father, he is not unreasonable.

In the house selection game, Jasper wants a plum to eat as a game prop. Although with the consent of the village head, Chen Xiaochun tells him that he can take it only after the game is over, and he must abide by the rules of the game.

When the village head spoke, Jasper played the megaphone on his own. No accident… Another murder.

But when it’s time to be serious, it’s what Chen Xiaochun wants to teach his son: respect when others talk.

The smell of the new house is bad. Jasper covers his nose and refuses to go in. Chen Xiaochun doesn’t coax like other dads. Instead, he takes a stool and walks into the house: then sit here, I’ll go in

In fact, after Jordan Chan entered the room, he took out the air freshener spray, sprayed all over the inside and outside, and tried to persuade Jasper to be brave enough to try new circumstances. Actually, it is not bad here.

They say that parents are teachers who have a great influence on their children.

In the video with Ying caier, when Chen Xiaochun says that his son is doing well but he is not, Jasper’s response is to touch his father’s head and tell him that you are good.

No one is born to be a parent, and children are also the first time to be children. Everyone needs to slowly run in and grow up at each other’s shortcomings.

What we can see from Jasper is not only the parents’ care for him, but also the achievements of taking time to educate him.

So it can be seen that, parents, we should not only love our children, but also learn how to nurture them.


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