Fear is an innate quality of human beings. Sometimes, as time goes by and we gradually understand what we are afraid of, our fear will become weaker and weaker. But for the new born baby, due to the lack of understanding of the world, in his view, many things are so “terrible”. Let’s take a look at the seven things that children are most afraid of!  

One of the fear events: fear of loud noise

Behind the fear: infants are more afraid of hearing noise in the early stage. If you hear thunder, firecrackers, sirens and so on, the baby will wake up and even cry. This is because 1-6 months old baby is more sensitive to sound, larger noise will make the baby fear.

Drive away the fear: when the baby cries because of the noise stimulation, the parents should immediately hold him or her, give enough comfort, and avoid continuously letting the baby accept the noise that they fear to continue to strengthen. When the baby grows up, in order to eliminate the baby’s fear of loud noise, you can explain to the baby all kinds of strong sounds, such as thunder, car alarm, etc., and use gentle words to comfort the baby and encourage him. From time to time, let the baby touch these sounds and eliminate the fear caused by strangeness.

Fear of injection

Behind the fear: for the baby, injection is the most real pain. Almost all babies cry when the little needle pokes into their skin. From then on, whenever he saw a needle, a needle, or even a doctor or nurse in a white coat, he would feel extremely scared. In fact, the root of this fear comes from the physical pain on the one hand, and the fear of cold needles and strange things on the other.

Drive away the fear: it’s normal for the baby to be afraid of pain and injection, but parents can reduce the fear appropriately. For example, you can buy a set of doctor’s toys for your baby. There are stethoscope, thermometer, needle and needle tube in the toys. Then you can tell your baby that when his beloved doll is sick, he can take her temperature, listen to her heartbeat and give her injections by himself. Let the baby accept and be familiar with these medical devices in the game, and reduce the fear of aggravating pain due to strangeness.

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