Many mothers are wondering why the older the baby is, the more difficult it is to take it with her. There are various small problems and bad habits. How did the lovely angel baby become a “bad baby” all of a sudden?

There are many problems on the way of parenting. Some of them are caused by the mother’s misunderstanding of the baby and her ignorance of the baby’s growth characteristics. For example, the following five behaviors, in the eyes of mothers, “annoying”, are really the performance of the baby becoming smart.

1. Eating hand

Baby eating hand is a worry for mothers. On the one hand, they feel unsanitary, on the other hand, they are worried about their baby’s uneasiness and pressure.

In fact, the baby within 10 months of eating hands, sucking fingers, do not have to worry too much.

Among the various sensory organs of a baby, the first to develop is the lips and tongue. Using a small mouth to feel the surrounding things is an important stage in the baby’s growth process. At the beginning, they were not able to pick up the objects at hand to “taste”, only their small hands were available.

The baby puts his hand into his mouth by himself, relying on the coordination of the sensory system and the motor system, which is a great progress. This is also a kind of self emotional appeasement performance. The baby uses eating hands to transfer emotions, which is conducive to the development of the baby’s self-awareness.

2. Recognition of life

Generally speaking, babies recognize from about six months, which shows that they can gradually distinguish strangers and familiar people, which is an inevitable stage in the process of intellectual development, and also a innate protective instinct.

Don’t worry about their birth recognition. It will disappear gradually in 2-3 months. Don’t worry about the loneliness and lack of social ability of their children when they grow up. It really doesn’t matter.

Parents should accept the baby, understand its personality and feelings, give the baby time, let the baby slowly observe strangers, let go of the guard, and gradually get familiar with strangers.

3. Prank

It’s not hard to find that when the baby is over one year old, there seem to be more mischief, such as tearing paper, throwing things, scribbling Mother is always fighting with her baby’s mischief.

In fact, this stage of the baby is full of curiosity about everything, plus crawling, learning to become proficient in walking, they want to get close to the objects they are interested in, much easier than before. At this time, they are no longer willing to be confined to a small area, but driven by the strong curiosity, they want to find and explore the objects and things they are interested in.

Curiosity is the driving force of baby’s rapid brain development. It is very important for their growth and development to accept all kinds of stimulation around them greedily, to explore and contact for confirmation and to expect results.

4. Self talk

Babies often talk to themselves when playing games, as if they are playing with countless little friends. For example, when you are a family member, you will think of yourself as a mother, take care of the sick baby, and comfort the “baby” with various words.

In fact, this is the development of imagination. In the pretend game, the baby tells himself what to do and how to do it by talking to himself, and makes the rules of the game, overcomes obstacles and controls his emotions.

Mothers can play games with their babies, because playing games can stimulate their imagination. When the baby talks to himself, don’t interrupt rudely, just observe quietly, you will find this little game very interesting.

5. Lying

When the baby grows up to about 3 years old, he begins to have his own clear self-awareness and thinking ability, and he gradually knows what can be done and what can not be done. In order to achieve a certain purpose, the baby may take the initiative to avoid the factors that are unfavorable to him, so as to lie. Although it is a bit “reasonable”, it is also an improvement of the baby’s thinking ability.

This is not to say that the baby can be allowed to have fun, but that it is necessary to treat it differently, to find out whether the baby is swimming in the space he imagined or is really lying.

When children start to lie, we should not label them as “bad children”, but guide them to correct in the right way, and protect their self-esteem and creativity.

Children are growing up slowly, and this process requires more patient guidance and waiting of parents. In the process of waiting for flowers to bloom, a little more understanding of children’s growth characteristics will reflect more fun for parents.


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