Cartoon is the favorite TV program for every child, but like it is not necessarily perfect. Cartoons, in many ways, can do great harm to children.

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Bright color jumps and destroys eyesight

The color of cartoon and the changing speed of picture will affect children’s vision and optic nerve development. First of all, in order to attract children, animation often uses bright colors and bouncing pictures. Xiang Yi and Wu Xuedong both told reporters that too bright colors and too strong contrast will affect children’s vision development. Watching for a long time will have adverse effects on children’s vision and body.

Secondly, the frequent changes of images will cause visual fatigue. In the four seconds after the 38th episode of the Japanese cartoon Pokemon, the explosive effect was created by a strong four-color flash of red, blue, white and black, which caused 10000 viewers to suffer from various symptoms, such as fainting, vomiting, cramping, headache, temporary blindness, etc., most of which were children. Most cartoons change the picture every 6 seconds, which exceeds the tolerance of children’s optic nerve system. The researchers observed that children who often watch cartoons tend to be impatient and neurotic.

To protect children’s eyes, parents can try the following four ways. 1. Let children watch TV in a bright place. The distance from the TV must be more than two meters. The larger the TV screen is, the farther the distance should be. 2. In case of discomfort, tell the child to cover one side of the eye with his hand first, and then slowly close the eyes. 3. When the child is watching TV, the parents can communicate with him, distract him and make him stare at the screen discontinuously. 4. The continuous viewing time shall not exceed 15 minutes. If the child is found to be unwell, let him relax on the window or balcony.

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Page 1: bright colors jump to destroy vision

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