I believe everyone has had such an experience: in public places, I met some babies yelling for unknown reasons, the children were very upset, the parents were very embarrassed and helpless. So, in the face of this situation of the baby, how should parents deal with it? Let’s ask a mom to give us some tips on how to hold the “angry” baby.

Tips 1: pacify children’s emotions

When children yell in public, in order to avoid impoliteness or embarrassment, many parents will immediately reprimand their children for “no noise” or meet their children’s requirements. The former is often of no help, the baby will not listen to what he says; the latter may have immediate effect, but it is easy to be coerced by the child, forcing parents to submit. First of all, parents can approach the child, give him a hug, touch his head, let the child know that you care about him, appease him and calm him down.

Tips 2: help the baby express his feelings

Behind the baby shouting, there are usually negative emotions, but the baby still doesn’t know how to express his feelings or ideas, so he has to shout. At this time, we need to help the baby face their own feelings, such as “baby, are you not comfortable shouting like this?” “are you not happy? Tell mom.” Encourage children to express their true thoughts and guide them to express their emotions correctly.

Tips 3: accept your child’s feelings and find a feasible solution

When children express their feelings, parents should give more understanding and acceptance. Don’t try to deny their feelings and put their own ideas on their children. If the baby says the restaurant is too hot, the parents say, “no, I don’t think it’s hot.” It makes the child feel ignored. Parents can say, “Oh, you don’t feel comfortable when it’s hot. How about taking off a piece of clothing? It’s not hot. But if you cry, your mother doesn’t know why. Next time, you should tell your mother whether it’s good or not. “In this way, the child’s needs will be effectively solved, and he will feel understood and accepted, and then gradually learn to communicate in a recognized way.

Tip 4: satisfy his wish with fantasy

If the child puts forward some unrealistic requirements, we can give the child some imagination. For example, in a restaurant, the child wants to eat noodles, but does not, so he yells. At this time, we can say to the child like this: know that the baby wants noodles very much, if only there are noodles here, I really hope that mom and dad can do magic, “whoosh”, and then they can make it for you, and you can eat as much as you want. I believe that after hearing this, the child will smile and accept the reality of no noodles.

In short, when children suddenly cry in public places, parents must be calm, rational, patient and calm to help children face their emotions at the first time, express their feelings and respond positively.


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